aussiepoida (aussiepoida) wrote,

Let's quote me....

Hello there,

Over the last couple of months, I've been coming up with pretty decent quotes which have, on occasion, reduced me to tears of laughter.

Unfortunately I never bothered to write down any of my creations, which means that some of the 'gems' (if I say so myself) have been lost forever.

So where to from here? Am I to let all of my little funnies disappear? or shall I record them here on LJ for me to reflect upon from time to time.

Now, I guess the main problem with quotes is that they are often only funny under certain circumstances. As such, there are likely to be few laughs contained within... at least initially.

haze, if you can remember any of my quotes, please remind me :-)

Anyway, to below is one from today.

"That guy is ALL man... and two parts woman" - used to describe a larger than normal middle-eastern patron at a Lebanese restaurant.
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