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There has got to be a morning after.....

Hello there,

The engagment/hoursewarming party worked out pretty well. That being said, I'm not 100% happy with the time I managed to spend with the individuals who honoured us with their presents...

Quite a few people turned up, from various sectors of our lives. Primary School friends, High School friends, Collage & University friends, past & current work friends, old neighbours and family. It was certainly an interesting mix of people. Some of which mingled, and some of which did not (for which I do not blame them). It did bring to light that we seem to have a lot of little separate clusters of friends, rather than groups of them.... it also made me wonder if, potentially, a couple of these clusters could be merged into a larger mixed social group? I wonder...

The problem with hosting a gather like this is that there I only one of me, and many people to speak to. I loved having everyone there, but I dont feel like I managed to spend enough time with most of them. Jamie (Lauren's twin sister) was there. I had not seen her for 5 years or so and I didn't manage to have a decent chat to her before she left. The same goes for Matthew & Jess, my parents and my work-friends, Steven, Abby and the kids, John & Carol, Mr Piggford etc... as a matter of fact, the only people that felt got enough personal time were the ones that stuck around until after 8:30.. most notably haze and Markus.

I guess the point is that I feel a little guilty for not managing my time well enough in order to give everyone a bit of company (that sounds pretty pretentious, I know :-) ) As such, I feel a strong need to organise a series of little dinners, where I shall entertain my guests more intimately.... eat a little, perhaps drink a little, play the Wii a little, and then watch a movie.... and perhaps drink a little more :-) People arriving at 1900 and clearing out by 0100... sounds good... it will be done.. but what to cook :-)

Unfortunately I failed to take any photos of the evenings proceedings... luckily John picked up my Camera for the Cake Cutting... unfortunately all the guests were infront of us, and thus it looks like Trace and I are in the house by ourselves... very partyesque, I'm sure you'll agree.

I shall write more later


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