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Over and Over and Over and Over...Time

Dear Diary,

The busiest time of year at work is at hand. How do I know this? Because I work there!! Dont question me! Seriously though, things, not just I, are going crazy at work. The time for Overtime is at hand, and with a bit of luck, I'll do enough of it to pay for the Christmas presents this year.

Naturally, there is a down-side. For instance, I only just got home from work (21:30)..... in my younger days, such a late homecoming never used to bother me. I used to work two jobs, one of which sometimes ended at 2:00, while the next started at 6:00... those were the days, but are the days no more. I need my sleep now. If I dont get it, I start writing crap like I am now. You get the point, dearest Diary... I love you.

I called JB Hifi again today... "Do you have my pre-ordered Wii?" I asked.... "No" the jb-man responded.. "perhaps tomorrow, or Saturday" he added. ....What the fuck happened to Friday!!! Crazy times. I'll call him on Friday, just to surprise him.

I'm actually regretting pre-ordering the thing from the Perth store... the place is an absolute mad-house at lunch times... and most other times... Thanks to the spirit of Christmas. The first couple of days (when I thought I might be ready to Wii) I physically went to the store to see if it was there.... no more. Now I call the store 1 - 3 times a day (depending on mood) to check instead. Its just too damn crazy trying to find someone to serve me, while there are hundreds of people running around looking for gifts.

Anyway, must be going.



PS: Thank you haze for showing me how to link LJ users :P
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