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A dorment love regained...

Hello there,

For the first time in many many months, I watched an episode of Spaced. I had almost forgotten just how fantastic it is :-) Since Hot Fuzz came out, if been pretty focused on the motion picture side of the Pegg/Frost/Wright creations. How foolish I have been to put their TV work on the backseat.. how very foolish.

It has been decided that haze and I will watch all of Spaced, followed by Shawn, and finally followed by Hot Fuzz over the coming weeks. It should be a grand journey indeed.

In other news:
- gorard has just gotten himself his first house. I'm rather happy for him :-)
- The 17 August 2007 has been earmarked for after-work drinks. It should be good.
- Mario Party 8 is fun = 'Yes' || Mario Party 8 is Shit = 'Yes' || Mario Party is a disgrace to game/interface design.... 'yes'
- The front of the house was landscaped today. When I left for work, we were living in a sand-pit.. when I got home, I was greeted with a lovely garden.
- don_preacher arrives in about 4 weeks. We are going camping... though I'm a little worried about the fact that its been very very cold the last few nights. I hope the temperatures rise substantially before the trip.
- Why are all my female friends single? No need to answer that question.... but it does make me wonder.


Tags: blake, jason gorard, mario party, pegg/frost/wright, preacher, spaced, wii

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