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Car[Tick], Back-pain[Tick]

Two things have happened. While usually I would want to sit down here and document these things in great detail, I am currently in no mood to write at length about either of the following events. Why? I don't know. Though I might elaborate on these entries a little later.

So anyway...
Firstly, Trace and I have bought a second car. The last few years, I have been transportless, with the exception of the availability of Tracy's car, at times. The main problem with sharing a car in our situation is that Tracy works shifts. As such, there are times when we do not see a lot of each other at all, because she is at work (with the car). This leaves me sitting around at home, with little choice but to entice visitors to my place instead of heading out somewhere. Further to this - on days where Tracy is at home, I would like to spend time with her, though often feel the need to head out with the car, simply because I have the option.

So, what this means for us is as follows - I will no longer have to drop her off at work at the crack of dawn on my days off, just because I 'might' want to do something during the day. As a result, petrol consumption will be greatly reduced, as I wont be driving to Subi twice on those days. Tracy and I will be able to spend more time together, as I will be able to satisfy my need for evening-outings while she is at work, rather than doing so while she is at home.

Furthermore - My outdoor activities (ie- camping and trekking) are set to increase, as I can now head down south for a night, without having to plan around Tracy's roster will in advance. This excites me, as those activities have long dominated my psyche, but have gone under-utilized for about 18 months (Damn you don_preacher!!)

Secondly, I have somehow, clearly magically, stuffed up my lower back. I was lying on the couch watching TV... the next thing you know, I'm a cripple. This has been the case since Monday night, and even now the back-pain haunts me.
Things have improved since Monday, since rather than crawling to bed on all fours and using Tracy as a workbench to hold myself up, I managed to walk to bed last night. Walking is great.

That is all I have. I shall take photos of the car soon and post them here.


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