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A Car, a Coffee, a waste of time, Markus and Preacher

Hello there,

Another Monday, another car related event. On the previous Monday I had booked the car in at McInerney Ford in Morley for some warranty related repairs. Firstly, some bubbling that had occurred on the plastic next to the gear shift. Secondly, the breaks needed work as they were 'pulsating' when applied (warped disks). The booking was made for 0900. I met up with haze at 0915 and headed to the Globe Coffee House.. for coffee. We did some other things and headed back to the garage at 1145 or so. At this time I was told that the car wont be ready until 1430. As such, Blake and I went to Chatters for lunch (great as always) and then split up at around 1245.

I spent an hour sitting at The Dome at the Gallaria, reading The Bulletin. I headed back to the garage around 1400 and sat in the waiting area... where I read several issues of Wheels Magazine several times. The car was ready at 1630.. a mere 7.5 hours after I dropped it off. The day was a complete waste. In future I shall do these things on a workday, rather than wasting my day off.

On a positive note - The car not breaks a hell of a lot better (certainly smoother) than it did before.. and it didn't cost me a cent (though it did cost me time). I must send out a thank you to Joe, without whom the guys at McInerney would probably not have noticed any 'warranty issues'.

In other news - The rear channels have finally been wall mounted in the media room. The room is still a long way from being finished, but I guess there is no hurry. I still have to 'hide' the cables, which are currently highly visible. I went to purchase some speaker stands from The Loudspeaker Kit in Leederville, but was told that the guys who run the company had not started work yet (this is at 1045 or so). The guy that was there worked for a different company (out of the same unit) and was unable to sell me the speakerstands. I was appalled by the lack of organisation between the two 'companies' that share the unit... they obviously don't look out for each other's interest.

On Sunday, we will be visiting Markus for the first time in rehab. It will be interesting to see how he is doing. The carers have been pleased with his progress thus far, though its still early days yet. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

don_preacher is coming to Perth at the end of this week. I have secured a couple of solid bookings with him. Firstly, a drunken night in a Chalet in the Perth hills (along with some other friends). And secondly, a night of camping down south. He has hinted at having lunch during the week, which pleases me greatly. There is one place in particular that I want him to try.

That is all for now.


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