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Simply about ANZ and the Investment

Thursday 30.08.07, Friday 31.08.07, Monday 03.09.07, Tuesday 04.09.07, Thursday 06.09.07 & Friday 07.09.07
The finance for our investment loan was approved by the ANZ Bank on the 20th of August. We were delighted to receive notification of this via Ian, via mail. We sat and waited, as none of the letters that we received suggested that any further action is required by us at that point.

Our deposit was due on the 01.09.07 and I was starting to grow concerned that we had not heard anything further from Ian, or ANZ... nor had the money appears in our account. I called Ian (from Resolve Finance) on Thursday 30.08.07 to see if there is anything else we are actually supposed to be going. He was surprised that we had not received the actual contracts yet and got onto the ANZ straight away. He called me back and stated that ANZ had simply forgotten to send the contracts. Great stuff, with two days to go until the deposit was due. ANZ stated that they will send the contract ASAP... none the less, the docs were not received until Monday afternoon. Damn them.

I read over the contract on Monday night. There were several documents to sign, and figuring out which documents to send back, and which ones not to was rather confusing. I carefully read the institutions, ensuring that every document that needed to be signed was signed, and every document that needed to be sent back was included in the envelope. I was happy with this and we went to bed.

Tracy had Tuesday off, and she was delighted to take care of the minor task of dropping the contract off at the local ANZ branch in the morning. I requested that she take ALL the documents with her to the branch, so that the staff could ensure that all the required documents are included when they are sent to the processing centre. They went through the collection of docs and posted the relevant ones. Tracy was rather annoyed about having to run all around town, trying to lift the Caveat that was still present on our property. None the less, it was done and all seemed well.

Come Thursday we had heard of no progress, so I ran Ian whom chased things up with the bank. He found that one of documents that was required to be returned had not been included in the return envelope. WTF? I later discovered that the people at the branch had decided that only one copy of a certain document was required, and gave the second copy back to Trace at the branch. This is after I made 100% sure that BOTH needed to be returned. This is not the first time that the ANZ staff in the Clarkson branch got it wrong. We've decided no longer to do business through them.

I found out that the processing office is in the Exchange Plaza. We arranged for a new contract to be generated so that Trace and I could meet after work, sign them, then return them on the same day. This worked a treat, though the situation was rather more stressful than I can convey here. I gave the forms back to the lady that was finalising our application personally, and she ensured me that everything will be done that afternoon. Thank goodness.

So then.... Friday 07.09.07. By this point I had called the developer on a number of occasions to apologise for not paying the deposit on time. It made me feel like an idiot, since the situation was out of my control, and we were doing our best to meet our obligations. So when the clock hit 11:00 on Friday, and there was still no money in our account, I started to get worried. Tracy called the bank, but couldn't get in contact with anyone. I tried calling Ian, but he want available either. I was checking the bank balance every 10 minutes or so, and with each check, my blood pressure and anger rose >:(

Eventually I got through to Ian, who managed to confirm (after two hours) that they are working on the application. I kept checking the balance until finally, at 15:00 we were several thousand dollars richer (and in depter). Once again, the relief is hard to describe here, but I felt it :-) None the less, I was pretty pissed, as we were pretty much promised the funds early morning.

Tracy and kelwebby were having High Tea at C Restaurant. I called Trace up and got her to meet me downstairs so that we could pick up the cheque from the ANZ city branch, and I would drop it off at the developers office. After obtaining the cheque, I left Tracy and Kelly and met up with don_preacher whom accompanied me (in the pouring rain) the offices of Burgess Rawson.

The deposit was accepted with a smile. We received a proper receipt in the mail. And we hopefully wont have to worry about this crap again, until 2010.

Good times.


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