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Hello everyone....

I've just finished reading Stephen King's 'The Gunslinger', which is the first of 7 books from he's 'Dark Tower' series.

Before that, I read Robert Jordan's 'Eye of the World', which is the first part of the 13 book 'The Wheel of Time' series.

Before that, I read JRR Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'

I can’t remember what came before that..... but I've bought a copy of Steven King's "The Stand" (1400 pages - yay) which I plan to read soon.

Anyway, I would have to say that these past few books have been very satisfying indeed. All of them absolutely brilliant... I would recommend them to anyone.

Once I finish "The Stand", I plan to finish the "The Wheel of Time", and "The Dark Tower" series. This is likely to take me 3 - 4 years (unless I get a sudden boost in spare time)

I'm curious what some of you other Deviants have been reading. What books would you recommend to others, and what is your favourite book of all time?

I feel a bit mainstream, but my all time favourite book is definitely 'The Lord of the Rings'.


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