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Dear Diary,

It has happened. I received the call from JB. I now have a Wii.... its sitting right next to me here, in the office. I wonder if I should take it to the lunch-room and set it up... no, I better wait.

I will probably be doing Overtime tonight, so I wont really get a chance to play it until tomorrow.... the box is looking at me..... and I at it.... it nice :P

Unfortunatelly they didn't have any Nunchucks in stock, and probably wont have any until the new year... I'm yet to discover how important it is in mulitplayer games, so perhaps its not the end of the world.

If I get home at a decent hour, I shall play Zelda tonight. Hurrah!

I wish I wasn't so busy at work... seriously, its crazy. I feel rather stressed.... I need to Wii, to relieve the tension.


Tags: jb hifi, overtime, stressed, wii, work

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