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Deviantart - The Two Towers EE

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It's no secret that I am a BIG LOTR Fan. Most of my friends have read it at least once, and most of them twice or three times…. I’ve read it twice, but I plan to add to that count in the near future. It’s one of the few books that gets better every time you read it.

Well, I've added to my DVD collection in the form of "The Two Towers Extended DVD Edition Collectors Gift Box" I love it.... if only I had more time to watch it.

The special features are fantastic and give you a real insight into movie making.... though after "The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition", it seems like they are digging a little for material. As much as I enjoy the behind the scenes documentaries, you know that they are struggling to find material when they start to interview the 'extras'. I like it though, as it give you a good perspective of what everyone when through during the making of this fantastic film.

It's a fantastic package... Now I'll just have to wait until December to see the final Chapter. It will be amazing.


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