December 24th, 2006

aussiepoida - Normal

...So this Christmas, and what have we done?

Dear Diary,

I've spent the last couple of days trying to get my Wii connected to the internet.... It was certainly not as easy as it should be... at least not when you're using a Mac. I wonder how many people simply managed to turn it on, connect and enjoy sweet success out of the box...

I brought it home on Friday night and set it up in the theatre room... but the position of the projector and the size of the screen really didn't suit the Wii playing style. It was too difficult to control the curser accurately with the wiimote and people kept putting their arms in the way of the projector while playing (thus blocking out the picture).

Thus I decided to move into the spare bedroom, and hooked it up to my old TV that I hadnt used in about a year. The wiimote felt a lot more responsive that it did on the big screen... keep in mind the big screen is around 2m, while the TV is a 48cm diagonal.

Anyway, so I started playing with the internet connectivity, together with haze. We just couldn't get it to connect. It was very frustrating. We were throwing years of Computer know-how and Tertiary education at it, but we just couldn't get it going..... so at about 2200 (or so, I think) we gave up and played a bit of Wii-Play and Wii-sports... of which I think Wii-play is more entertaining. That being said, I think neither game, nor Zelda, actually uses the Wii to its full capability. I'm looking forward to playing Mario Party and Mario Kart, which I'm sure will take greater advantage of everything the Wii has to offer.

During my lunch-break at work, I did some further google research and found a number of suggestions on how to get the internet function working. After work, I put the suggestions to the test, and attained sweet success. It was glorious.... then suddenly, the TV broke... haze and I made a temporary fix with some electrical tape, which bought us about 7 minutes of game-play, before the thing gave out completely..... so now the Wii is sitting in Tracy and I's bedroom. Lest than ideal.. for her and me. I guess I'll just have to hurry up with the plasma purchase, which has been on the cards for some time.

...with the Wii finally fully functional, I felt able to sit down and enjoy it properly... unfortunately I haven't really had the chance to do that yet... haze and mr_lambi came around to create their Mii Character, which was a lot of fun.... probably more fun that what I should be for guys our age... good times.

On another note - the Spa is finally operational... the air and water jets work, the LEDs to a good job at lighting it (at night) and the inbuilt radio.. it plays music and adds. No one has actually used it yet... mainly due to the fact that there is no shade where it is standing... but tonight it is likely to welcome its first visitors.

In regards to Christmas - Tonight is Christmas Eve. As such, the traditional Isliker family Christmas will occur, with special guest Eric (Markus' old-time friend).... I say 'special guest' in the same way that Magda Szubanski is a special guest on Kath & Kim.

Mother will cook, Markus and I will do the dishes... then dad will pull out his guitar and give his fingers a workout.. each year, we sing a collection of Swiss, German and English Christmas songs.... which is always a lot of fun... After that, we open our gifts. I quite enjoy our little routine.

I got Markus a special gift this year. A Nintendo DS Lite - not exactly a gift you would normally think of buying a 29 year old, but I'm very hopeful that he will like it... I'm looking at it from more of a long-term perspective... I'll be able to buy him (or perhaps he could buy himself) a game from time to time.

haze introduced me to the DS... and I liked it :-)

Anyway, I wish you all (and you... sweet sweet diary) a very merry Christmas... god bless.