December 27th, 2006

aussiepoida - Normal

Christmas sum-up and other matters

Dear Diary,

Christmas has come and gone for another year. As previously noted, the next year will be quite different for me. One of my plans for this year is to focus of peoples' birthdays more. I tend to skim over everyone's' birthdays, and tell myself that I will do something special for Christmas... but then I dont :-) This year will be different. I'm not planing to spend more money, not much more anyway, but I will be doing a little more planing.

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. There was a lot of singing, and we did it with enthusiasm and energy. I'm sure the neighbours thought we were crazy.... especially since most of songs we sang were in German... the language of compassion and goodness.

I scored a Bosch PSB 650 RE from my parents. A very welcome gift, as I know I'll need a decent drill for all the DIY jobs I'll be going once we move house :-) I can (generally) always rely on my parents to gift me things I can actually use.. and better yet - things I actually need.

The spa his finally entertained.... first me by myself.... then Tracy and I...... then Tracy and Kelly and I..... and then a exclusive LJers only hosting for haze, mr_lambi and I. I approve of it... I will have to work a little harder and get some money together so Trace and I can get one for our place.

Wii - Its a popular piece of equipment. Everyone that walks though our door wants to have a go... and then wants to have another go before they leave. Markus loved it, as did his mate Erik. Speaking of Markus, he was thrilled with his DS :P ....and I was thrilled that the game that came with it, Nintendogs, is actually a lot more fun that I had given it credit for. I'm actually quite jealous and I want a Nintendog to call my own. I would choose a Labrador, a German Shepherd or a Beagle.... its name would be 'Sitdamnyou'.. or not.

Back to the Wii - I've been getting better at most of the games I've been playing... but for some reason people are still managing to make me their bitch... I will have to change this.. perhaps I would be practising right now!

I fixed the air-con today. A few days ago, it stopped cooling... but were weren't sure if it was truly stuffed, or it the weather conditions weren't supportive it its goal. I got on the roof yesterday, took of the side panels and had a look inside.... there was nothing much to see.... but the fibres (on all four sides) were dry as a bone... the water was clearly not circulating as it should have been.

Dad came around this morning, and he cleaned a hell of a lot of calcium and sodium out of it. There was half a buckets worth of build-up in there. Amazing. He then took a hose, and blasted water through the water pump, in order to clear the crap out of it. We flicked the switch and Tada! .... nothing.... well, thanks dad for trying :-)

I called the local Coolair guy and asked him how much he would charge for a new pump.... he said that he doesn't do quotes over the phone. I told him that I know its the water-pump, and that I am happy to pick up the pump... he said no. After a few more phone-calls I eventually found a place that sells the water pump by itself... lucky for me, it was only 5 minutes drive away. $144... the air-con guys rought-estimation-if-its-only-the-pump quote was $360. FU air-con guy!

I bought it back, got on the roof, removed the old water pump... threw it off the roof (just for good measure), attached the new pump, connected the hoses and power.... and tada!... it worked. The house is now cool, and my faith has been restored in Evaporative Air-con.... Everybody bags it, but its cheap to run, cheap to install.... AND CHEAP TO FIX :-)

I think we'll get Evaporative for our house, with a couple of split systems for key locations... i.e., Home theatre, Main bedroom, and guest bedroom.

I'm done.