February 17th, 2007

aussiepoida - ShockHorror

Damn it!!!

Well, the joy had to end eventually... well, the uninterrupted joy, at least.

You may remember me mentioning a couple of weeks ago that spray painting isn't as easy as I always thought it was.... well, now I can add another thing to my list - Varnishing!!!

I'm starting to panic a little - things are not going as planned, and the last coat I applied looks like complete SHIT!!

The first coat was, as one would expect, rough, but reasonably uniform. After some sanding, coat number 2 was applied... it was delightful... smooth, clean, mostly streak free. The second coat re-assured me that these speaker would end up looking pretty damn nice.

... so what the fuck happened with the third?!?!?!?!? haze and I sanded back the varnish, as we had done with the previous coat... we took care not to go overboard, and sand back down the veneer... I wiped down the boxes, to ensure that they were mostly free of saw-dust and applied the third coat... I'm not really sure I can describe how it looked.... patchy.... rough.... thick and thin... streaky... shit... all relevant words I think... they had only been drying for about 90 minutes, but I panicked and tried to apply a 'rescue' coat to try and make them less patchy.... I decided to use more varnish than normal, in an attempt to flood the 'low-lands' and make the surfaces more even.... what was I thinking? Now that I'm sitting here, I'm thinking that I should just have let them try properly, do some sanding, and apply another coat... but I panicked and applied coat v.2.5 prematurely.

Now, I actually dont know if I have made things worse with this extra rescue coat.. but I have little doubt that I have. Its the problem with this process... if you stuff up, you have to wait hours (8-12) before you can start trying to do something about it, which is something I'm just not used to.

So, where to from here? I guess I will leave them sitting overnight, until they are completely dry, then I shall assess them, and perhaps change my varnishing style... I think I was brushing to stuff on too slowly... in truth, I just dont know.. perhaps my mistake will come to me over the next 8 hours... hmm... perhaps a wrong brush.. perhaps the brush it too 'stiff' due to the continuous work I've been doing with it over the last week... I JUST DONT KNOW!!!! I just dont understand why the second coat looked so nice, and now this coat looks like shit.

I'm already in a bit of a crappy mood, as I was hoping to have the M4s and M5s finished this weekend. But yesterday when I got home from work (via Bunnings), there was a gathering of Lina's friends going on here, which resulted in me having no work-space... plus, I was not in the mood for 'a 100 questions' regarding what I'm doing, and why I'm bothering to build speakers when I could just buy them.. I was just not in the mood for that.

So, unless I manage to apply some sort of mad miracle coat tomorrow morning and afternoon, there will be very little chance indeed of getting these babies done this weekend... especially since I need to let me sit for at least 30 hours after the final coat, in order for all the fumes to bugger off (the varnish fumes would damage to speakers)

I will strive to write a more general entry later... for now this will have to do... this project is consuming me... and when it goes wrong, I feel myself going wrong... I know what I mean.