April 11th, 2007

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It has been long, and much has happened... let me explain

Dear Diary,

It has been just over two weeks since my last update, and it has been a hell of a busy time... well, at least the last week has been. Lets have a look at what's been happening:

Handover & a Proposal
So, 14 months after our pre-start meeting, Tracy and I have finally taken possession of our newly built house. If I had to sum up the last 14 months in two words, I would chose 'patient waiting'.... its all that I seem to recall doing, in relation to our living arrangements at least. Luckily we were patient, and as such, the months have actually gone by pretty quickly.

We dropped off the final payment and picked up our keys on the 5th of April 2007 - a date that is more important that for the mere acquiring of keys. As the heading might suggest there was more to this day. Earlier in the day, I spent my lunch-break looking for a 'ceremonial ring' and a bunch of flowers small enough to fit into my backpack. I found the ring and the flowers (Tulips) and headed back to the office. Many heads turned as I walked through the place with the two items in my hands.... My immediate work colleagues knew what was going on... I assume the other people had an inkling :-) Most of the people I work with are women... as such, there was a lot of interest.

I carefully packed the tulips into my backpack and headed down to the taxi-stand where Tracy picked me up. As previously stated, we headed to Content Living's office in Osborne Park and picked up the keys (along with a complimentary bottle of Sparkling White - Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir)

We went to the house, and I insisted that Tracy unlock the front door. While she was busy with the keys, I quickly grabbed the flowers out of the backpack... she turned around and had a puzzled look on her face... 'What are you doing?' she asked... I got down on one knee and managed to pop the question, among a sea of nervous laughter and chuckling.... I presented her with the ring, which she looked at cautiously. I explained that it was only a ceremonial ring... the 'one' ring would be of her choosing. Upon this reassurance, she acknowledged my question and accepted my invitation to wed :-) I picked her up and carried her through the doorway.... though not without smacking her arm on the door, hard enough for her whimper with the joy of the moment.

So, we will be getting married... we have no idea when, but it will happen... perhaps sometime in 2008.

Moving in - 6th April 2007
People always say that you never know how much crap you actually have, until you move. It is true. Tracy and I have been living in two bedrooms for the last 1.5 years, and yet me managed to accumulate enough stuff to push the moving effort into the 'substantial' category. I managed to rustle up a fair bit of help from people with wheels. Namely:
haze - with his Mitsubishi Lancer.
My parents - with their .
kelwebby - with her rather cool Sandman Panel Van, trailer and horse-float.
Adrian (with his Toyota Landcruiser Ute).

The maiden run consisted of myself, my parents and haze - We stuffed the cars full of stuff and headed up to the house, and it felt like a major part of the move had been accomplished.. Steven Chasen would have said that we had 'Broken the Camel's Back' (a South African Saying)... but how wrong I was :-) Seriously. I guess the best way to describe the effort involved in order to get the move done is to write a simple list. The move required -

2x Mitsubishi Lancers
1x Holden Zafira
1x Sandman Panel Van
1x Trailer
1x Horse Float
1x Toyota Landcruiser Ute
4x Ford Laser
1x Hard day of Labour

I have just received word from Kelly that her car is acutally a 'Drifter Panel Van' by Chrysler. Sorry Kel... I'm glad to that you dont drive a crappy Holden :-)

I'd like to thank everyone that helped us and supplied their wheels for the project. Especially haze, whom had to complete the 40min drive twice, without music or company (due to lack of room). I think he's two line description of the move encapsulates everything that needs to be said... especially in regards to the fridge :-) Read about it here.

After the initial move
The following days were spent trying to move things into some manner of space, in order to get rid of the clutter in the living room. At this stage, we do not have any floor coverings, nor do we have window dressings, so things are not too homely yet.... well, they are, but they arent. Carpets will be installed in the bedrooms (and the theatre room) on the 18th, at which stage things will start to look up a bit. The remainder of the house will be getting the Laminate Flooring treatment. I'll be doing it myself to save some mulla... perhaps someone will help.... perhaps I'll actually NEED someone's help... we shall wait and see. I will certainly need to get some tips from my handy father :-)

Unfortunately the laminate is not arriving until mid May, so we'll be living on concrete for a little while longer. It doesn't sound bad, but the place is very difficult to keep clean, as the floor causes a lot of dust... also, you cant walk around the house bare-footed and then get into bed, lest white dust ends up all over the sheets. Grrh!

In regards to window coverings - I'm waiting for Makan's mother to get back from Iran - She is a curtain maker and should be able to do us a good price, to suit our needs and budget.

There is still a lot of work to do on the house.... buying a new house is not like buying a new car... a new house is usually half finished and barely liveable :-) A list!!!:

1. Must sink 9 soak-wells
2. Must get rid of illegally dumped rubbish from out the front - will hire a 6 cubic meter bin to get rid of the stuff... will be a lot of work though.
3. Must arrange for the crossover to be finished.... at this point we are unable to drive into our driveway and park in the garage... annoying.
4. Must put in Laminate
5. Must paint the inside walls
6. Must install halogen down-lights, and some halogen lights outside.
7. Must buy a bedroom suite...
8. Must arrange for e-Wire to do the 'final connect' on the house and install the TV antenna points.
9. Must arrange for paving around the back and one side of the house
10. Must arrange for some manner of patio for the BBQ area.
11... many other things etc...

After many years of shit broadband, courtesy of the combined efforts of iinet and Telstra, I will soon be entering the world of Broadband2 :P I'm Its about time. To think that I'll be able to download faster than the 45k maximum I've been romancing with... the mind boggles.

Work Changes
I have taken a semi-official stance not to write about work in any great detail... There has, however, been a substantial enough change to warrant a bit of an update. As of next Monday (16.04.07) I will no longer be working in the eVisa/Student Monitoring section. Instead I will be working in a special task-force that has been established in the 'Citizenship' section. Its a 10+ week project. As a result of this, my 20 month stint at working from Tuesday-Saturday will be coming to an end.... this does not really please me, as I have gotten used to the having Mondays off... I've also gotten used to the extra $100 a f/n that the previous arrangement brought into my pocket... Oh well, at least I will be doing something different, which will lead the way to greater opportunities in the long term.