May 24th, 2007

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Hello There,

As always, I will start by saying that the last couple of weeks have just flown by, and that much has happened.. I go on to say that this is likely to be a long journal entry, and that I'll probably devote too much time to the first few topics, and will simply summarise the rest. With that in mind, I shall begin.

The Engagement of Matthew Bolt
For those that are not aware, Matt is my oldest serving friend in Australia. We met in Year 6 and were the best of friends until the effects of separate high-schools set in. We dont see each other very often these days... as a matter of fact, I think I can count our meetings over the last five years on one hand.... however, I always consider him to be one of my closest friends. I actually have no idea why we dont catch up more often. Even though we live in the same city, I tend to think of him as a far-away friend - as though he's living overseas. Why? I just dont know.... I often wonder what my position is from his point of view.... does he feel the same way? Does he also think that we are good friends whom just never catch up? Or have I actually become a outsider? I wish I knew.

So the, as per the heading - Matthew has gotten engaged to Jess. When he told me, the surprise was twofold, as I wasn't even aware that he was seeing someone :-) (or was I? his description of her being a Swimming Instructor did tickle some sort of memory, but I'm not sure if it was his). I'm fantastically happy for him. After his previous, rather unfortunate relationship, I was rather worried for him (relationship wise). It now appears that my concerns were baseless :-)

Their engagement party is on this weekend... and my initial enthusiasm to attend is starting to be infected with worrying thoughts. Our circles of friends have never really mixed, and I'm actually quite curious if I'll know anyone there. Yes, my worry ties into what I was commenting about earlier.... where do I stand? I am assuming that his brothers (and sisters) and parents will be there. I'm looking forward to catch up with them - tis been a long time :-)

I'm sure all will be well, and we will have a jolly time :-) It does seem slightly ironic to me that he getting married before I am ...but I guess we dont all wait ten years :P

Floor Coverings
The laying of the Laminate flooring in the house is certainly no small task... just like everything else in this damn house!! (I love it though, can you tell?)
Dad and I spent most of last Saturday working on it, and it does not seem like we are getting anywhere :-) Dont get we wrong - we have made progress, but it just doesnt look like much. Here are some photo for you to examine:

The 'living room' in the raw - Concrete really isn't all the nice

Now things are looking spiced up a bit, with the addition of the underlay

The first five or six rows done

A few more rows done... as you can see, dad was a hard worker.

Thats enough for one day.... doesn't look like much (especially with the underlay covering up the first five rows or so, but at least the first corner of the house is almost done :-)

I've run out of steam already
There are a lot of words in my journal title - each one is supposed to represent a topic.... but for now, I think this will have to do :-( I'm tired. I MUST make an effort to address the other things I wanted to write about... I must! Much has happened, and I want it to be documented.....

Well, until later,