July 10th, 2007

aussiepoida - MaybeAngry

Markus & Parents


This is one of those journal entires that is pretty much just for myself. I don’t think its ‘private’, but I don’t really expect anyone to comprehend why I was annoyed. Nor can I be bothered ‘explaining’ things in any detail. Read if you feel like it.

Markus came up for his two-weekly visit yesterday. For some reason, I have only just recently realised that his visits are actually quite regular.... fuel by his need to attend regular 'sessions', in relation to his rehabilitation ambitions.

As was the case last time he came up, his visit was marred by confusion and conflicting information coming from my parents. The previous time he came up, mother rang the day before and mentioned that I should come over for a nice family dinner. I mentioned that getting back home is a big hassle. She then said that she'll give Markus and I a lift back to my place. I know mother does not like to drive, and thus I organise for Blake to pick us up from my place. When the time came, mother revealed that she actually wanted to drop us off, and have a look at the progress being made on the flooring. Both she and dad seemed a little upset that I had organised alternative transport.

So what happened this time?
Most of last week, I was told that Markus would be coming up, and that they would drive over to my place after dinner. Then, towards the end of the week, I was told that Markus would not be staying in Perth after his meeting, and would head town to Harvey straight away. Yesterday I was in my parents' area, and so decided to drop off a phone bill on the way to dropping Tracy off at work. I was in a bit of a hurry, so the visit was brief. Suddenly mother said that they'll be coming up to the house with Markus tonight. I was a little confused and slightly startled and quickly started thinking about what I should buy to make Dinner... She then explained that they would come up after dinner instead, to make it easier. I was happy with this. I quickly said goodbye and Tracy and I were on our way.
Mother seemed to misinterpret my 'being in a hurry' for displeasure of the evening’s plans. Soon afterwards, I got an SMS from Mom saying that they won't worry about coming up tonight... I responded by saying that 'I wish someone would make up their minds!'.

Anyway, I am ranting... and I'm sure no-one other than me actually understands what the problem was. It’s just the chemistry between my parents and I... its difficult to convey sometimes.

In conclusion - I was pleased to see Markus after all, and was happy to see he had gotten rid of his beard and actually looked pretty 'normal' :-)