July 24th, 2007

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

A quick update for the road....

Hello again,

Some points:

  • Watched Hot Fuzz last night. I hadn't seen it since I saw it at the movies with Tracy, kelwebby, mr_lambi and haze. I enjoyed it better the second time... the pacing issues didn’t bother me as much, and nor did the busy action scenes. Furthermore, I discovered several extra layers of jokes :-) I was worried that knowing the ending might spoil the movie, but it really didn’t. It just allowed me to enjoy each individual scene to its fullest, without having to think about the big picture. It was glorious.
  • I need to do many things. I need to change my address details with a number of organisations... especially the electoral commission.
  • Tracy is due to finish her two weeks of actual on campus uni work. She is studying midwifery and seems to be enjoying it. Almost all of the course is done via the internet and on-the-job tutoring... at least I think it is :P
  • Markus (whom made our engagement cake and carried it all the way to our place on public transport...from Harvey) found himself a little annoyed when his appointment at the rehab clinic was cancelled with short notice. Annoyance was mainly due to the face that he really should have gone back down to Harvey on Sunday, but stayed in Perth an extra couple of days to attend the appointment.
  • Adrian and Lina did not turn up to the engagement/housewarming. We are yet to hear why.
  • I am sick - yes... it has finally taken me... though not fully. I am fighting it with all my might.
  • I am sitting and waiting to see what don_preacher has to say regarding his trip to New Zealand.
  • I am also curious how things will go with haze tonight. I am very curious indeed to hear the news he will bring to me the following day. Why? Because I have not been to Chatters in a long time, and I'm curious to hear if the quality of the food is as good as it used to be... oh. I hope it is :P

    That is all.



    kelwebby - I love the Salmon things... they were delicious (in the later part of the evening).
    Judith - The Cake you bought was lovely and sweet. It went perfectly with my late night cup of coffee :P