July 28th, 2007

aussiepoida - Vomit

Ladies and Gentlemen....

...I have been ill :-(

I turned up to work on Wednesday without troubles, but my condition soon went downhill and I ended up going home at 0930... I was feeling bad, but not bad enough to warrant being at home bored by myself. So I messaged haze and told him to come around if he wanted to Mario Party... he came around, and it was fun.

The following day I was feeling considerably worse. None the less, I was bored and requested his company once more, for more partying... fun was had, though I was pretty out of it. He left around 1400 and I went to bed.

That evening/night was shockingly bad. I did not get a lot of sleep at all. Unfortunately, neither did Tracy. I felt quite guilty.

Friday I finally started to feel better, and finally got an appointment with the doctor. Prior to going to that though, I noticed that a new Wes Anderson movie was coming out - The Darjeeling Limited. Inspired by the preview, I watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and loved it like I always do :-)

I am back at work now, though still feeling a little under the weather, but OK overall.

Tracy came into town for lunch today. She, Judith and I headed down to the lebbo place for a fix... we all love that place :P

That is all.