July 31st, 2007

aussiepoida - Angry!

I harbour much anger...

...for people that have no idea how to use an escalator!!!

Hello there,

Yes, there is some hate within me that will one day burst and cause massive damage to my surroundings.

What is wrong with people on escalators?! People seem to have no comprehension of how one ensures that the escalator is efficient and comfortable for everyone. There are two main issues I must address.

One - Stand the F*@K to one side so that people can pass if you are in a hurry.

Two - When the escalator is FILLED with people because a train has just arrived, move the F*@K off at a speed equal or greater than the speed of the escalator. I see so many people take baby-steps off the escalator, while the swarm of people behind have to dodge weave to avoid a pile-up. MOVE AWAY FROM THE ESCULATOR ONCE YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION!!!! DO NOT TAKE TWO STEPS AND THEN CONTEMPLATE WHICH WAY YOU WANT TO TURN!!

That is all from me for now.



PS: I am also filled with much joy at the fact that Tracy actually WANTS to play Mario Party 8 these days :P