August 7th, 2007

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

Lapsang Souchong and the plans so Cycle

Hello there,

don_preacher is due to arrive in Perth in a mere 25 days. Within me, along with my need to gaze upon his shining face, is a dread that I have been feeling for some time. Before I continue, let me take you back a few years....

The Don and I have long had a very outdoorsy relationship. We both love to get away from it all, to walk the wild lands beyond Perth's well protected borders. Little one, two and three night trips dominate my memories from 1999 to 2003, and I oft think back and reminisce of those times. Good times they were. Memories were made that will last a lifetime - memories that remain more vivid in my mind that many of the memories forged overseas.

It is not hard to identify a definitive trip in our collection vast collection of adventures. Yes - That would be our 3 night Esperance trip. Glorious it was - an Experience that has never been matched. In fact, that trip contained so many distinct moments, that we often gasp at the wonder that they all occurred within those few days. It was a fantastic trip.... (I just remembered how the immobiliser broke in Preacher's Sister's Car, when we were at the furthermost point of the trip - Cape Arid National Park. Great times in hindsight.. though a little uncomfortable at the time).

The Esperance trip had it all -

  • A little four-speed, four cylinder car with no radio.
  • Late night arrivals at camping spots (which made setting up camp much more fun)
  • Crazy stormy weather
  • A Climb up Nipple Mountain
  • A broken down car
  • Flesh eating flies
  • The whitest sand I've ever seen
  • The Clearest water I've ever seen
  • The flattest beach I've ever seen
  • A Pink Lake
  • A bay, moonlit beautifully at night
  • Getting lost, desperately trying to find a campsite
  • A trek, through think bush, among the oldest mountains in the world

    Preacher - please remind me of the other unforgettable moments of that trip.

    What was I walking about? Oh yes, Preacher is coming to Perth. Which means a trip down south to climb the mighty Toolbrunup Peak. I am filled joy at the prospect, and yet my heart is heavy with my current lethargic and fatty state.

    In light of haze mentioning that he has started 'preparing' himself for the trek, I have decided that the time is right for me to begin my physical improvement program! ...begin planing it, at least :P

    My plan is to ride my bike from Clarkson to Whitfords train station and catch the train from there, three times a week. That is my vision, and I will see it realised.

    This decision was made today... so, what is this Lapsang Souchong that is mentioned in the title of this post? I will explain.... I popped down to Woolies earlier, and came across Lapsang Souchong Tea for the first time. The name caught my attention, as did its description - A strong, golden tea with a very distinctive smoked character.

    I bought it, then brewed it, and was surprised by the fact that is certainly smelt very very smoky indeed. To be honest, I thought it smelt foul. I decided to check out the wikipedia page to clarify what I was supposed to be smelling... and clarify it did. I now LOVE this strange and disgusting tea.

    What makes this discovery so amazing is the fact that it is purported that this tea is well suited to outdoor enthusiasts, especially after intense physical activities like hiking, distance running, or rock-climbing. When I read that scripture I knew that my exercise plans are MENT to happen. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it (in fact, I know I am), but this discovery has still filled me with enthusiasm for the cause.

    In other news - Tracy has made me little mini-pizzas to enjoy once I get home from work today. As such, I shall leave now. It has been a rich, full day.