August 11th, 2007

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Hello again,

Nothing much to report today, and I'm not feeling in a very typey mood at the moment. As such I will list some things in point form. Here it goes:

  • On Monday 6 August 2007, Markus started his detox program at Cyrenian House. On Monday he will be moved to the Rick Hammersley Centre to commence the Rehab phase of the process. As such, from Monday, there will be no further contact with him for several weeks. While Cyrenian house would not allow visitors, Markus was allowed to make phone calls. I spoke to him last night. He seemed to be going ok. He sounded a bit drowsy. He blamed this on the joga they were going before, though I'm sure its just the effects of the tranquiliser. He said he's had a couple of breakdowns already, though it has been a positive experience for him so far.

    The clients are kept busy with a number of activities, such as art classes and creative writing, as well as exercise and yoga. Markus said he has written his first poem in years (something he used to do all the time), which everyone thought was fantastic. The poem has been laminated and is to be used to inspire other patients. I look forward to reading it one day, though hopefully not in front of Markus, as I am likely to cry.

    This whole episode is turning out to be quite therapeutic for me as well. The fact that Markus is now 'inside' has given me room to contemplate our relationship, and indeed the relationship I/we have with our parents. I will write a private entry to record my thoughts on that topic. There are many issues that need to be resolved. I've managed to identify a lot of 'sore spots', but I'm yet to figure out how to get rid of them.

    Did I mention that this was going to be in point form? :-) I have forgotten what the other point were going to be.... let me think....

  • Watched The Simpson's Movie at Daniel & Michelle's place last night. I enjoyed it,as did Tracy. I was expecting a long, drawn out Simpsons episode. But the whole thing was actually scripted quite tightly, with the jokes rolling on almost continuously. My only gripe was with the fact that Bart was somewhat out of character. Overall - 7/10.

  • With a little bit of luck, the furniture we ordered from Lifestyle Furniture in Osborne Park should finally be arriving today. We ordered the stuff some 6 weeks ago and were treated to one delay after the next. The initial 'import' delay I could deal with, but the ridiculous delivery hassles were crazy, considering we paid good money for it. They honestly expect me to take the day off work to receive the goods at a unspecified time. Seriously.

  • I have just received news that the furniture has been delivered.... that being said, the Dining table still requires assembly. WTF?! Did we buy form Ikea? No! But we may as well have.

  • There is a Car up for Auction on Tuesday. Its up for pre-auction sale for a grand more than we feel comfortable with. However, its only done 30,000km, which is less then half the usual amount shown on the normal ex-fleet cars. As such, the extra grand may be worth it... We shall have a look at it on Monday.

    Tis all for now.