August 21st, 2007

aussiepoida - Normal

Some Points! You Read?!

  • The Car's driver's side back wheel had some manner of wobble. Possibly due to a direct hit on the axle. At least that's what I thought. Anyway, yesterday I took it in for its 30,000km service. Thankfully I know Joe that works at the Ford dealer, so I know I was going to get looked after properly. They did a whole lot of 'Warranty' work on it, and fixed the back-wheel shake. Good times. The breaks still pulsate a little (probably warped disk(s)), but its nowhere near as apparent as it was before. They also serviced and exchanged some other parts, which were required due to a factory recall. All in all, a lot of things were fixed and the price pleased me greatly. Furthermore, the 'bubbling' of the plastic that is occurring on the centre console will be fixed next Monday. Once again, under warranty. The bubbling, minor as it was, was annoying me. So I'm quite happy that it will be fixed for free :-)

  • I cant think of any other points.

  • Oh yes. I have been exchanging words with a long term friend. Unfortunately the honest exchange of words achieved little. None the less, I was happy to have had a chance to speak frankly, and hope the other party feels the same way.

  • The ANZ bank is being surprising anal about approving the finance for our investment. They are happy with all the numbers. But for some reason, they want proof of all of Tracy's income. Nevermind the fact that all of Tracy's income gets paid into her ANZ account AND her salary sacrifice amount (which they are sceptical of) gets paid directly into the Home Loan. Nice costumer service. They even sent a valuer around to inspect our property. WTF? Keeping in mind that this is only for the deposit for the department. I assume we were unfortunate enough to be picked for some manner of 'quality assurance' exercise.

  • don_preacher is coming to Perth next week, for one week. He's schedule is starting to be frustratingly full. Mostly due to the fact that he will need to spend a great deal of time with his fam, which is understandable. Though this has given me the thought of financing his next trip here myself, as to increase my timeshare allowance. I will speak to his other friends about this. His time is so precious :'(

  • Never buy Arrosto Bello flavoured instant coffee. Tis shockingly bad... as a matter of fact, I am yet to taste any manner of decent flavoured instant... though they are all packaged so damn nicely.

    That is all for now.