August 23rd, 2007

aussiepoida - Normal

Unfinished Symphony

What to write about today? After yesterdays unexpected trip down memory lane, I cant help but wonder if I will have a similar moment today. I guess I will simply type and see...

Oh - I thought of something, though the topic will probably push it into the realm of a private entry, which I tend to avoid.

My topics and arguments have been 'friendship' orientated of late. As will this entry be. Today, I shall speak of Makan. I bitch about him often, though my wrath is brought on by frustration, rather than anger or hatred.

Makan, while not my first friend in Australia (that honour goes to Matthew Bolt), has been around since the beginning of high school. Historically he is my best friend, though socialising with him has always been an uphill battle. He's the sort of person that will almost always say 'No' to any social activity that involves leaving (or approaching) the boundaries of the metropolitan area. I speak or road/camping/adventure trips. He is also the sort of person that, once pushed into going, will have a fantastic time. Usually I was left wondering why the hell he put up a struggle to leave to begin with.

Unfortunately, by the time the next trip came around, he would forget the joys that he felt during the previous trip and refuse to go. Luckily I was always persistent and usually managed to get him moving, and good times were had by all.. every time.

....Much time has passed since I wrote the last line... Where was I going with this? Damn it. I hate writing this stuff at work (and yet, I love it).

(In the meantime, Blake contacted me to see if I wanted to go to Poppo for lunch. Coincidentally, prior arrangements were already made for Jen and I to go there. Jen appeared quite adamant that we must go by ourselves, because she had something interesting she had to tell me. I informed Blake of my inability to join him. I felt bad :-( )

....I am back from lunch now... much more time has passed... I have lost energy and commitment to this post. As such I shall upload it now, as an incomplete work... my unfinished masterpiece... well, not really. I shall not make this private.