August 30th, 2007

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Wes Anderson, Tea...and Jason Bourne!!!!

Thursday - truly the king of days!

Well, I exaggerate... Thursday probably sits in third spot on the order of merit, though a podium finish is nothing to frown about, though this ridiculous writing most certainly is.

Let's talk about Tuesday - my least favourite day by far.
As expressed in haze's journal, we went to The Leaf Tea Merchant in Mt Lawley. A place where a master teamaster(?) ensures that the tea experience is second to none.

As the website states - "Leaf Tea Merchants is a retail concept designed to give a contemporary expression to the venerable and ancient art of drinking". A load of wank, of course. And yet, I found myself completely submerged in their world of 'drinking'. I drank an Asian Spice Tea, while Blake drank something else (See his entry for further details). I am a little confused with Blake's account or how our visit came to pass, as he stated in his journal - ...I came up with the idea of once again visiting Leaf. This, if I may say so, was a brilliant idea.
... I seem to have quite a distinct two-stage memory that it was actually I that came up with the idea to visit the Leaf. The first was when I mentioned during our previous trip to the Globe that we should perhaps concentrate on Tea rather than Coffee, since we were no longer getting satisfaction from the coffee we were being served. The second memory is from the day itself, when I rang Blake with the suggestion of going to Leaf after work. Admittedly, my memory lapsed momentarily as we arrived, as I started heading toward to globe after exiting the car... perhaps it was this moment that lead Blake to believe it was his idea... it was my idea damn it! You must believe me! :'( Damn it all!!

Either way - its a shame that the Leaf isn't open at night, as it would surly be my new metrosexual hangout.

As you can see... my life is one drama after the next, relentlessly hurtling me towards my bitter end...

Watched The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore this week. Both are, of course, Wes Anderson movies. I've seen Rushmore a couple of times before and was never really too keen on it... but it finally clicked this week and now I love it. Its funny how some movies need repeat viewings before I can fully appreciate them... must like a great song.

My dad is quite stubborn when it comes to watching a movie more than once... as a matter of fact, I have no memory of him watching anything more than once. Its quite a shame really.

Wes Anderson is pretty much my favourite movie maker at the moment. He has such a fantastic style, which I find completely enthralling. His characters are always very human, while the stories are always set in a slightly off-centre type of reality. Great stuff indeed.

Tracy and I are going to see The Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow night. I'm sure we'll both enjoy it... for different reasons... girls are such perverts! :-)