September 3rd, 2007

aussiepoida - LOL

A visit to the clinic, a lovely dinner, a steamy night and a breakfast etc

mmmh - Its been a rich and full couple of weeks, and my mind feels burdened by the prospect of documenting it all. None the less, I shall begin it here.

I shall, for the first time since using LJ, backdate this and the following journal entries.

Sunday was an interesting day, filled with emotions it was. For Sunday marked the first time that I (and the parents) were allowed to visit Markus at the rehab centre. To compliment the 12:00 start of the visiting hours, I had a late breakfast at the parents' house before we all headed up to the centre in my car. I was eager to demonstrate to dad that the 'wobble' had been taken care of. He did not mention anything. I assume he was pleased.

The visit itself was interesting. Markus was eager to greet us and was happy to show us around the centre. It reminded me of the camps I used to go to in High-school. Sleeping chambers, a large kitchen and mess-hall, men and women sleeping separately, sport and gym equipment etc.

We grabbed a coffee and we sat on a bench next to the volleyball court. Markus bought his dairy along, together with his 'folder', which contained a lot of general information on the daily running of the clinic. I could tell that he wanted to do most of the talking. Unfortunately mother was very nervous (for whatever reason) and interrupted him constantly with somewhat annoying, left-field questions. While I was originally happy to be there with the whole family, it quickly became apparent that I would not get everything out of the meeting that I wanted. In fact, after the first 30 minutes, I felt like a nervous and angry wreck, though I disguised it by not saying anything and keeping a 'fascinated' look on my face, while trying to ignore the questions being asked.

On the way home I explained that I wanted to see Markus my myself next week (which I did) the parents were happy with this. I also suggested that we should perhaps see him in different combinations of pairs - ie, dad and I, mother and I, mother and father, so that each one of us gets a chance to speak to him alone.

In regards to Markus himself (also taking into account what I saw during my visit on Sunday 09.09.07) - He is doing very well. The transformation is quite amazing really. He looks a lot healthier (certainly smells a lot healthier). The whites of his eyes have actually returned to being white... something that I never even thought of before. He is moving through the various 'stages' (I think there are 4 all up) rather quickly, and will be allowed to leave the clinic for a full day within the next few weeks.

preacher arrived in Perth on Saturday and I awaited his call with eagerness on Sunday, signalling the start of our chalet/spa getaway :-) The sms was received at 17:00 and I left to pick up haze soon after that. We managed to get to Preacher's dad's place by 18:00 (as was foretold in my sms to him) and headed up to Mundaring for dinner.

My plan was to enjoy an award winning pizza from Little Caesar's Pizzeria. The place was very busy, and none of us had any decent amount of cash. Once I made it to the front of the cue, I enquired if they accept Credit Card. They guy said 'we do not accept cheque'... I had no idea what he actually meant and stormed out. What sort of place, that charges $15 - $25 per pizza does not accept credit card? I was outraged and was ready to go elsewhere. Blake and Preacher convinced me otherwise. Blake lined up with his normal bank card, which they also rejected. Apparently they do not have any EFTPOS facilities at all. Once again - WTF! We're talking about a hugely popular pizzeria here. People actually drive from Perth just for the pizza... and they have no EFTPOS. Its criminal.

I was once again outraged and ready to leave.. but the others decided to look for an ATM... with no luck... are there any ATMs in Mundaring? As a result, we headed to Hungry Jacks for a cheap/decent/EFTPOS-Funded dinner. It was glorious.. sickly.. but glorious none the less.

We finally headed to the Chalet, somewhat behind schedule. The owner/operator of the accommodation was somewhat eccentric, but lovable, and I was amazed to see what he had done to his home over the last few years. He's a owner-builder, and had been casually adding rooms to his house. The main loving space was twice the size of the chalet we stayed in. Just crazy. None the less, I was jealous of him. I would love to live out there, on a large piece of bushland, slowly adding and building my own home. What a life :-)

We ate the HJ's, while watching Majikat (sure you're only 'high on oxygen' mate). While waiting for Matty (you crazy man you), we played World Sports Competition. Upon Matty's arrival, we played Bomberman for a while, before the evening's main event - Hot Fuzz!!! Hot Fuzz is of course, most people's favourite movie of the year. Unfortunately it was ill received by our primary guest whom would have preferred to do other things. Fair enough I guess - I can accept the fact that we enjoy different activities in company.

After the movie, we decided to make use of the spa. Blake decided not to join in for unknown reasons, deciding instead to simply watch us... which was a little unnerving... He stated that he would take on the roll of Preacher's sister from our previous chalet trip... which is also a little unnerving :-) Feel free to read his brief account here

The following day we headed back to Mundaring for a full breakfast, which was delightful... with the exception of Preacher using the word 'motherfucker' very loudly, while there were several children and elderly folk 2 metres away.

After breakfast Blake, being the busy man at the moment, was dropped off home as to continue with his studies, while preacher decided suddenly to take the day off work, in order to do "all the things we've always wanted to do". We headed up to my place and played Mario Party 8, which got luke-warm reviews by all, including me. We headed down to the Mindarie Marina for a coffee and lunch (which was delicious), before heading over to Botanic Golf for a quick 18 holes of minigolf. It was closed... apparently it is closed every Monday. Just our luck.

To complete the day, we decided to head back to Matty's place in Edgewater to have a drink (of Pepsi), a game of darts (I somehow won), and to wash Matty's car. Yes.. it was fun.. and a little bit sexy.

I got back home at 16:14, just in time to welcome Tracy back from work. We chatted for a while, but Matty and Preacher soon departed, as Tracy and I headed off to the shops to buy ingredients for dinner. I cooked a fantastic spaghetti ... but then spilt the a entire plate (which I presented all nicely) all over Trace and the (relatively) new couch and carpets. It was a glorious end to the day, during which I didn't want to do anything other than sit on my ass.

That is all :-)