September 8th, 2007

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

I speak of preacher, and Matty, and of dinner, and of Spaced, and of LOTR, and some southness.

Point form is glorious. I shall use it.. a little bit.. here.

Thursday 06.09.07
  • After the Banking Issues discussed in the previous journal entry, Preacher, Tracy and I headed north, to enjoy a little bit of quiet time at Leaf. I enjoyed a pot of Oriental Spice Blend. Preacher was a little disappointed with his Caramel Magique, while Trace and Preacher enjoyed a little chocolate mud muffin. Feel free to view the tea menu here. Preacher wasn't very impressed with the taste of his tea, but the smell was fantastic, we all agreed.
  • After tea, Preacher headed off to see Bobbiar, while Trace headed home. Peak-hour.. lovely.
  • I prepared a lovely Beef Stroganoff for dinner by 19:00, though Preacher did not turn up until a little before 20:00. He claimed he enjoyed Bobbies Shicha too much to leave earlier. I understood.
  • We watched Spaced together. Something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I was rather worried as most of the previous things I had introduced to him during his trip had bombed horribly. He seemed to enjoy it, and I hope we follows it up when he gets back to Canberra. I look forward to quoting things from it with him.
  • We watched about half of Disk 2 from The Fellowship of the Ring:Extended Cut before retiring at 01:00. Not a bad effort, given it was a weeknight.

    Friday 07.09.07
  • After all the bank issues documented here, Preacher and I caught the train to my place to ready ourselves for the trip to the Stirling Ranges.
  • We showered ourselves and packed the car. I picked a few CDs (way too many for a mere 4.5 hour drive) before we headed east to Woolworths for supplies.
  • We picked Matty up at his place sometime after 1830... a mere 2.5 hours after the planned departure. Good times.
  • We drove down to Preacher's mum's place to pick up his stuff. I believe we actually started heading out of Perth at 1930... possibly a record for us.
  • As we drove south, I was treated to something that I have never been treated to before. I speak, of course, Once More, with Feeling: The Buffy Musical Episode. Preacher and Matty are indeed freaks, as they sang every song to me... word for word... with passion... with feeling. It was a rather surreal experience, and one that I will treasure.
  • After Buffy, we listened to the South Park: The Movie Soundtrack. While I don't judge Preacher or Matty for liking it (since I personally loved the movie when it came out) I found it to be pretty uninspiring (bring back Buffy, I thought). I didn't hate listening to the songs, but I could not help but think that 8 years since its release, I was tired of hearing them. I dare say that I felt like I had outgrown the music... perhaps in 8 years, I will feel the same about the Buffy Soundtrack.
  • We pulled over at a country service station/pub to watch the last 10 minutes of the Eagles Vs. Port Adelaide(?) semi-final. It was not really worth the stop, as we lost horribly (by a handful of points). None the less, watching the game in that setting was an experience enough. Even though I was frightened to drive afterwards, as we witnessed some completely maggoted pub patrons get into their cars to drive home. These people could barely walk... seriously. For the next hour of driving, I shat myself every time I saw headlights coming towards me. I guess my near head-on smash a couple of years ago was also adding to my anxiety.
  • We listened to Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens, The Wall(Disk 1, Tracks 1-7) by Pink Floyd, Takk... by Sigur Rós and War Stories by Unkle. I was very very excited when I found the latter in the glove box, as I thought I had left it at home :P Happy days.
  • We arrived at our destination a little after 0:00 :-)
  • There was a brief break in rain, and we managed to set up the tent quite successfully (thank you, pegging Preacher).
  • It was late, yes... but it was not too late for a BBQ :-) So out came the fry-pan and the Woolies-Kebabs, and we had ourself a jolly good time. Never mind the fact that it was bucketing down with rain and we were basically saturated. Luckily I assumed this would happen and brought clothes to compensate for this.
  • We headed off to bed at 0130, where a little wrestling took place. Further to this, Matty delighted us by birthing a fart that made me vomit in my mouth. He was very proud.
  • Matty struggled with the sleeping bag in the dark for what seemed like an eternity. Preacher, nor myself, had an idea of what he was actually doing... we still don't know... perhaps we don't want to. We are very conservative men after all.
  • I awoke at 0500 by Matty's monstrous/wondrous snoring. I have seldom heard such a kaleidoscopic wall of sound come over me. I tried my hardest to block out the incredible noise which was spewing forth. But his unnatural slumber-scream pierced cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh.... I thought about writing an account for my livejournal, before I sank into a restless, haunted sleep....

    That is all for now. Saturday, a rather long day, will be covered in my next one (or two) posts.