January 9th, 2008

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A week of this and that

Hello there.

Just a quick entry to document what's been happening.

New Years in Dwellingup
Tracy and I, along with Michelle and Daniel decided to head to Dwellingup to celebrate the ringing in of the new year. It was a rather lovely event. Considering I had been down-south a lot over the previous few weeks (and indeed had returned from the Stirlings only a day earlier) I was quite happy not to have gone too far from Perth. Its a pleasant 1:00 drive from Perth, and well worth the effort.

Its quite a shame that there is so much logging going on in the area. I remember when we first went there, the place was almost perfect and had incredible natural beauty. These days the beauty is really only confined to the 'Reserve', which is a real shame.

We are not seasoned drinkers... not anymore at least... and we all got pretty trashed with about 5 or 6 drinks each. It was a cheap evening :-) We ate sausages and played Pictionary. T'was lots of fun. Tracy and I lost horribly, though it must be stated that Daniel is quite an artist, so it was hardy fair. We went to our respective tens shortly after 12:10....

The following day we drove to Fremantle to enjoy some fish and chips on the wharf. It was fantastic. I always enjoy Freo and wished I lived closer to it (one of my few regrets about living in Clarkson).

At home, I gave the car a quick spray down to try and get rid of some of the red dust.. I'll have to give it a proper clean sometime soon.

Movie: I am Legend
Watched I am Legend that evening, with Daniel and Michele. It was basically like every other such movie we had ever seen. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing to recommend or remember. Dont get me wrong, it was not complete trash or anything, but I certainly wont be thinking about it again, unless someone mentions it to me. Even so, I will give it a 5.5/10

Markus' Rehab Drama
A wall of fire descended upon Markus's rehab centre last week. The centre was evacuated and all the 'inmates' were distributed to emergancy shelters and family. Markus ended up at my parents' place.

Aparently the ajoining lot (next to the Theraputic Community) is an aboriginal community. Apparently it was quite a sight to see the Rehab patients being evacuated along with the aboriginals from their community.... Markus described it as a sobering experience (actually, those are my words :P ) and everyone was quite shocked, but appreciative of the remider they were given as to why they are in the rehab program to begin with. That last sentance might be a bit confusing. I shall put it planely - the other community was completely trashed on various substances.

I picked up Markus on Friday night, and we headed back to my place. I cooked a stir-fry. My last stir-fry was brilliant, but this one fell well short. I'm not sure why... I blame the salted cashew nuts and slightly cheaper meat.

We watched Vidocq which Markus recommended. It was actually pretty damn good. Though most of that assessment is based on its fantastic cinematography and general style. I thoughroughly enjoyed watching it, though would probably never buy it. The story was a little bit 'plot-holey', which is quite a shame considering how nicely it was shot. I think that it was one of those movies that I would have hated, had it been in english, but quite liked, just because it was foreigh/different. 6/10

After the movie, I though it would be a good idea for me to play some Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for 20 minutes, while Markus had a smoke. That somehow turned into a 4 hour marathon, with Markus watching in suspense of what would happen next. I was happy to have his company, since the game has a habit of scaring the crap out of me when I'm there by myself. I blame the surround sound... though I'm sure the 305cm screen also helps :P

Markus played some Super Mario Galaxy the following morning, after a pancake breakfast. Eventually I dropped him off in Maylands for his NA meeting. Blake was unavailable that night, so I headed home and picked up where I left off in Resident Evil. It is quite an addictive game :-) I sat there for several hours until Trace got home from work... I tucked her into bed, and continued playing :P I think I made a pretty decent dent in the game that night. Its great fun. Luckily I had gotten a little more used to it, so I shat myself a little bit less.

The usual Sunday Breakfast and beyond...
On Sunday, like every Sunday, I headed over to my parents' place for breakfast. It was lovely as always. My parents have been talking about retirement at lot lately. They keep changing their plans. The current plan is to buy a retirement unit down in Mandurah... this is probably the best idea that they've had in a while :P

On the way home, I enquired of haze's availability. As a result, he came up to the house and we proceeded to continue our Mario Galaxy mission. We've got about 70 stars now. We could, in theory, just finish the game right now. We are, however, quite pedantic, and we MUST on collecting ALL the starts. I way ALL, but I really just mean 120... neither of us has a desire to collect the very last start... few people do, as it involved replaying the whole game as Luigi... who the hell would do that? Crazy.

The playing last for a little under two hours. I had a couple of things to get done before Trace got home, though Blake seemed quite relieved to call it a day anyway.

Heidi and the movie/dinner date
On Sunday afternoon, after some vacuuming, Trace and I met up with Heidi... one of my favourite of Tracy's friends. We watched No Country for Old Men before heading off to dinner at Sienna's.

The movie was interesting. I feel almost feel like I need to commit a separate post to it, in order for me to just ramble on about it and try to analyse it further as I write... I will not be doing this however. I enjoyed most of it. A lot of it was confusing. A lot didn't make sense to anyone... several scenes were tedious, while other scenes were very memorable indeed. I have not been able to find anyone that was able to make sense of the whole thing... and that includes the DIAC deputy state director :-) I'm not sure what to make of it really... It was a Coen Brother's movie, but I dont think the movie was being particularly clever. I'm not sure if it was intelligent, or just a little stupid. I shall have to re-watch it in a couple of months in order to make a more appropriate decision. At the moment, I will give it a 6.5/10, though that will rise, if I find that I missed out on some manner of detail that might transform the movie into a masterpiece.

I have been inspired by my lovely neighbour John, as well as Dale (who sits next to me at work) to get off my ass and work some layers off it. As such, I pulled the bikes out of the garage for the first time since we moved :-) Tracy and I went for lovely evening rides on Monday and Tuesday night, which have left me with a greater appreciation of where we actually live. Riding a bike to the beach takes about 10 minutes, and the path along the coast (towards Quinns Rocks) is just fantastic.

We had a break today, but we'll get back into it tomorrow. The plan is to ride to Joondalup Arena to have a swim for a couple of hours, before riding back. That should be quite a decent workout. I hope to ride a minimum of four nights a week. I can already feel the effects. I've slept fantastically for the last two days, and I generally feel a lot better, certainly a lot more energetic.

Quick notes
I have a large urge to go camping again. I've been camping three times in the last 5 weeks. I went to Ranger Camping a few days ago and had a look at some tents... there are some lovely tents out there. The one that really caught my eye is the Black Wolf Dragonfly. I already own three tents, including a Mantis I and II, so I really dont need another one... that does not stop me form wanting this one though :P Perhaps I should sell one of my old ones.... mmh...