January 21st, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

Lets get to the dot-point!

  • Tracy and I have finally selected new light fittings for the house. We've got for 12V halogen lighting in both hallways, the lounge, the kitchen, the dining room and media room. The bedrooms will be lit with standard 240V halogens. Now we need to find someone to install this stuff... I'm hoping that my dad's mate, and fellow swissman, James will be able to help us with that :P

  • Tracy and I have started the process of painting our walls. We have used gap filler and sanded the walls down. Its very dusty work, and I noticed this morning that my black work short (which I had innocently placed on the table) was covered in white marks. Glorious. I'm letting Trace pick the colours, though I will voice my concerns, if warranted.

  • Tracy and I have failed with our riding for the last 7 days. How did it come to this? I blame the heat... and in truth, that's probably not a bad thing to blame. Enthusiasm is still there, and I will ride its wave again soon enough.

  • I've been playing Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition quite actively of late. The game makes me crap myself almost every time I play it by myself... so I usually try to have someone else there as a observer. Last night I did not have such a luxury, and thus pants were soiled. I'm looking forward to finishing it. The far-fetched 'progression' of the game is getting on my nerves. A missing presidential daughter, a village filled with evil men and women, a giant fish, a giant cave troll, people with chainsaws, the mixing of herbs (adding two herbs together causes them to create a glass test tube.. magic?), a castle with mad monks and other things, a sewer with invisible creatures, catapults, period costumes, a scorpion man in a shed, a archeological dig, a love story, a story of friendship gone bad, sacrifice, a big pulsating thing, flying insect monsters, a island with military installations... and the military, a prison with a blind prisoner who kills, a laboratory with alien like beasts, the exploration of a mine, and a crypt(?). etc.. etc.. - This is not a review of the game.. its just my head unloading on a number of details in a nondescript manner. It is not meant to make sense.. lets move on.

  • Markus has decided that he wants a Tent for his Christmas/Birthday gift. This pleases me. I wonder what manner of tent he'll pick? We'll go to Ranger later this week to pick something.

  • I've been meaning to call my Godmother, as well as a number of other key Swiss relatives, for about 2 months now. Its driving me crazy.. the time difference really makes things difficult, especially since I have a habit of forgetting to call on the weekends (simply due to the other things I'm going).

  • Watched Logan's Run with Blake the other day. It was fun to watch... especially Logan's speech at the end.. "STOP! YOU DONT HAVE TO DIE!!! YOU CAN LIVE! LIVE!!!!" - Emotional stuff :P

  • Went to 'Flipside' in North Fremantle with Tracy and Blake. Its a burger joint, and it was fantastic! I look forward to heading back there sometime soon :P Afterwards we headed over to the new Mad Monk Brewery in Freo. It was shit... at first I though I liked it, but the longer I think about it, the more I hate the place. It was basically an overpriced bar, with a couple of home-made, but poor quality, beers. Little Creatures has nothing to worry about for the moment.