January 23rd, 2008

aussiepoida - Laughing1

Resident Evil 4 and Super Mario Galaxy come to a sudden conclusion....

Hello there

I spent a lot of time last night, desperately trying to finish Resident Evil 4 last night, but I didn't quite get there... by the time 0:45 came around, I figured it was well and truly bedtime (keeping in mind that it was a weeknight).

So today I got home, ate dinner, watched a news report about Heath Ledger's tragic death, and recommenced my mission to finish this damn game. Blake arrived to lend some assistance and I managed to polish the big boss off pretty easily... I must say, considering how huge some of the monsters are in that game, they are all pretty damn easy to kill.

So RE 4 is finally completed. I'm looking forward to playing something a little more colourful. It was a great game, but lacked 'something'.... heart perhaps?... yes.. perhaps.

So we went on to continue our mission with Super Mario Galaxy. We had about 22 stars left to collect, so I was quite surprised when I suddenly found myself playing the last level. Blake and I had looked at everything, and could not find any 'hidden' stars anywhere. So when we decided to move towards to last stage, we assumed we would be met by another actual galaxy to complete... but it was not so.

Galaxy wasn't quite the masterpiece its made out to be. Its fantastic in a lot of ways, but I lost some of my motivation towards the end.

Over and out!