February 7th, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist



It feels like its been a long long time since I've written an entry... its been a few days, but it certainly feels longer than that.

I have, over the last few months, started to develop somewhat of a passion for cooking. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly - My beloved Zwilling J.A. Henckels ****FOUR STAR knifes. I love the feel of them... to me, they feel like quality. As such, they inspire me to do my best in the kitchen. These knives make light work of most of the preperation work.

No, I'm not crazy!

Secondly - I love nice kitchenware. In turn, I love using such wares. We bought a set of Scanpan Fusion 5, as well as a Casserole dish, a couple of fry-pans and a wok from the Classic range. I love these pans and were worth every dollar I spent on them. Always am I on the lookout to expand my pan collection, though my enthusiasm currently outweighs my ability to actually make proper use of these products.

.... perhaps I am a little crazy...

Thirdly - Cooking has become something of a 'after work' relaxation ritual. I generally look forward to cooking everyday, and usually spend my lunchtimes drooling over recipes on-line, with a giddy feeling of anticipation for the cooking that will take place later in the day.

Fourthly - For years, Tracy and I fed ourselves using around 4 different meals... that's not unusual for people our age, but I got quite sick of it. Luckily, cooking due to frustration has made way for cooking with passion. Oh, the passion.

Fifthly - Tracy and I have been watching a lot of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. I used to HATE Gordon Ramsay with a passion, though for little reason. Now he is my second favourite celebrity chef :-)

While the show is not strictly speaking about cooking, it does make me salivate profusely.

There is more information that I would like to give, but my lunchtime is over :-( (and I've only looked at a couple of recipes).