February 18th, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

Busier, more social, more drinking, more eating... what is going on?

Hello there,

Since the Bid Day Out I have been on a little mission to get out of the house more and to socialise a little more actively. The house has been taking up most of my spare time lately, in both active and passive ways.... ie - both physical and mental. Not that I'm complaining about that. Its great to have ones own house to work on. But I had gotten too comfortable just sitting around at home, rather than getting out and about and enjoying the outside world a little more.

It looks innocent enough, but it hides a lot of time-wasting secrets :P

Now that I think about it, things have been changing ever since I started riding again (which has since been discontinued). The area around where we are living has got so much to offer and I'm very eager to make the most of everything. That means - after work drinks, enjoying the local seaside restaurants, visiting local cafes, riding along the coastline etc. Further to the facilities around the area, a lot good friends from work actually live around here (most within 5-10min drive). As such, meetings at the Whale and Ale and The Boat are actually quite easy to organise. Even so, these meeting have been infrequent, which is something that will now change!

That being said, some things will not change. Late night coffee trips with Blake, for example. Last Saturday we headed down the freeway to a place we had not been to in a number of months.

Yes Blake - Drive that car with your many many arms!

The place mentioned above was, of course, The Moon! It certainly is an old favourite, though the place lacked some of the relaxed feel that I usually associate with it that night. It was very busy and very noisy, though that did not stop the staff from brining our beers and bruschetta within mere minutes of ordering them. The bruschetta was nothing special though, and I'm certainly glad I ordered a beer to contrast its flavour. The crowd was young and attractive, and I could not help but feel that I am getting older... perhaps uglier! Blake ran into a girl from Uni whom he hadn't seen in a while. They seemed happy to see other.. I could see it in their eyes.

Also - The music they had playing was pretty damn bad... who the fuck wants to listen to something resembling thrash-metal, while sitting in (what I assumed was supposed to be) a casual artsy hangout? Not only was it bad, it was also loud.

Inside and outside The Moon - The bar may be empty, but the rest of the place was swarming.. no one ever really sits at the bar.

After The Moon we headed to Mt Lawley for a coffee and making our way back to my place... or so we thought. When we got back to the car, we put on Daft Punk - Alive 2007 for the drive home. Its just a fantastic CD and its difficult to get bored of it. So much so that we we got to Karrinup Drive, we decided to take the long way home, just so we could listen to it. On the way up West Coast Hwy we came accross an beached boat - The Centaur! We boarded it immediately and checked for survivors.... we found none alive (at least that's what the report says) and thus claimed the boat under the international laws of salvage!

Blake and I sailing Centaur to the promised lands, to the east of somewhere. She's a proud boat indeed.

I'm pretty happy with the fact that Múm are coming to Perth. They are from Iceland, and somewhat similar to Sigur Rós. I'm probably more of a Sigur Rós fan, but I missed them when they came to Perth last time (since I was not a fan back then), so I was not about to make the same mistake again. They are playing at The Rosemount Hotel, and thus promises to be a rather nice and intimate gig.

I with I could be as excited about Air's first appearance in Australia.You see, when I first heard that Air was coming to Perth as part of the V Festival I was pretty damn excited. I soon learnt though they Air would not be participating in the Perth festival... 'bloody bastards', I thought. Then, last week, I got wind of a Air Concert, to be held at Kings Park... suddenly I was excited again, though that soon fell by the wayside when I learnt of the ticket cost - $99 - only $20 less than the V Festival would have been. 'Bloody Arrogant French Bastards!'.. I thought.

Its quite annoying really. A couple of years ago, I would have been happy to have spent that amount to see them. I was a much bigger fan back them. These days, I'm pretty neutral on them (thanks mainly to their latest, rather ordinary album), and thus dont really think that $99 is justified.... However! I still love their old music, though I dont listen to it a lot these days. This is their first concert in Australia ever, and is likely to be their last for quite some time.... as such, I am likely to regret if I do not attend. My liking of certain groups comes and goes all the time, and I know that I will listen to Air again within the next few months. Its frustrating that they've decided to do this now.... during a lull... but should that stop me from going? mmh.