February 26th, 2008

aussiepoida - Laughing1

Ah, the good times...

Its been quite a busy couple of weeks, both at home and at work. As such, it was nice to mix it up a little by doing something different.

I cannot take credit for organising anything, I was quite happy to be take a backseat to proceedings for once, and let other people do the work. It was Michele who came up with the idea, and organised the Kayaking.

We made an early start in order to ensure we'd queeze as much excititement into the day as possible. We made it to Dwellingup by 0915 and had the boats loaded up by 0930, ready to rock and roll!

The car, loaded with one of the Kayaks, and the troupe posing for the compulsory 'before' picture.

We are cool people, so naturally we could not head over to the Lane Pool Reserve without popping into the local supermarket to buy some bread for the ducks we might encounter. Later we were to witness complete snobbery by these creatures, which made us question the usual warm fuzzy feeling we normally get with ducks. They basically refused to eat our bread... it was fresh and delicious, but they would not have a bar of it... none the less, we managed to throw an entire loaf at them, very few pieces of which ended up in a ducks delicious stomach.

I'm getting side-tracked and ahead of myself - We loaded the boats up and drove down to the Kayak entry-point. This whole process was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. It was no hassle at all. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the novelty of transporting a kayak on my cars roof :-)

I was the first to get into kayak. As soon as I set foot in it, I was convinced I was going to tip out of it within seconds. Luckily this did not happen. Luckily especially since I had my camera and car-keys with me, in a backpack. Its funny how my perception of the kayak's stability changed during the day. At first I thought it was completely unstable, and by the end of it I thought it was completely the opposite.

Daniel inspecting the stability of his craft, before allowing Michele to board

At one point, Tracy got tired of operating the ores... as such, I commandeered her spare ore and combined it with my own, to create a double-paddle ore. This gave me to confidence to be photographed, as can be seen above.

Daniel and Michele, have a spot of trouble controlling their boat :-) Though they also got the hang of it quite quickly.

The water level was quite low in parts, which created some dramatic situations for us... at one point we actually had to get out of our kayaks and carry them across a particularly hard section.

Tracy, in a state of joy and desperation... and yes, this was one of those 'hard sections' mentioned above :-)

The kayaks cost $30 for a five-hour hire. Thats not bad, considering they are two-person things... $15pp for a day of fun is nothing to complain about. I intend to do this again sometime soonish... perhaps with some work collegues, with whom we've been discussing a camping-trip for a while. I hope we managed to actually go one day, but I somehow doubt it will ever happy... which is a real shame.

After the the on-water experience, Michele decided that we must give fishing a crack. We caught nothing, but had a fun time doing it.

Tracy and Daniel doing their best to catch their dinner... and me, showing off the only though I caught - A damn fine mess!

Michele.... a river somewhere

Overall the day was a success... it was cheap, easy and enjoyable and is something I would gladly repeat... though the dozens of cops and thousands of bikies that congregated at the Dwellingup Tavern took a little away from the relaxing atmosphere.

Good times indeed :P