March 13th, 2008

aussiepoida - Speak to the Hand

Where to bloody start...

I've put off posting simply because a lot has been happening that I would like to document, but I havent felt up to the task of writing about those things... as, as always happens in these situations, those things have combined with new things to create a situation where I would have to type many many pages in order to properly document everything the way I would like to.

I'm not a lazy man... my problem is that I never feel like I have enough time to do a job right... that being said, there is no denying that when it comes to some things, I certainly am lazy :P

The point then being that I like to take my time when writing these entries... especially now that I've decided to put a lot more pictures and such into them. It's difficult to find that time, and even now I know that I wont actually get a chance to write about everything I would like to. Why then do I always waste so much time writing little intros like this?

To the point then... below is a list of topics I've been drawing up...

The moo-cow is courtesy of Tracy

As you can see, the list is not overly huge. But my underlying desire to write about each little point in great detail is what makes things difficult. I'll knock off some of the quite topics first.

The East Perth Redevelopment Authority & LandCorp

A few weeks ago, LandCorp released its proposal for the Perth foreshore. I'm sure there'll be a while heap of conservative people whom oppose the project. Personally, I love the proposal, with the exception of the loop-bridge, though perhaps it will look better in real life.

The Perth Waterfront website has some pretty decent pics and explanations of the concept, so I encourage you to visit the site to make up your own mind.

The fact that the Swan river is so far removed from the city has been one of my main gripes for quite a long time... I actually had grown to accept that nothing would ever be done to change that, so this announcement was a great big and pleasant surprise to me. Perth has become one of the wealthiest cities in the country - I think its about time that it started looking like it. I just hope they actually get this project off the ground within a decent time.. I dont want to be in my 60s by the time I get to enjoy it.

This brings me onto the East Perth Redevelopment Authority. There are several fantastic projects in the works there. I'm excited about the Riverside development and the East Perth Power Station redevelopment. I am, however, most excited about the Northbridge Link proposal. Sinking those damn train-lines is well overdue, and I cant believe this project is currently on-hold. Lets hope they get this off the ground sometime soon. Its a brilliant proposal and really should be moving ahead full-pelt... I guess we'll have to be satisfied with the Perth Arena..... I'm not big on its exterior design, but I do support its construction.

.... it appears they saved some money on their illustrations, compared the the foreshore project :-)

Makan makes he return to the biggest state
A couple of weeks ago, Makan returned to Western Australia as a Lawyer. To be honest, I always assumed he would never return to live in WA permanently. But as he put it, landing a job in WA was more of a coincidence than anything else. He wanted to get a law job, and this is where he got one. At this point it does not really feel like he is here to stay... if I was him, I would be feeling pretty unsettled and would probably be looking to move back east somehow. Dont get me wrong - I'd love for him to stay. Perth is a great city and I think he'll be happy here in the long term. But Canberra gave him independence and taught him professionalism, gave him some great friends and bought him closer to the excitement of the eastern states. If I was him, I would miss those things greatly.

Within the first couple of weeks of his arrival, he met some of my work-friends at Iris' going away drinks at Carnegie's, while I met a couple of his collegues at Tiger Lil's. The Tiger Lil's night was a strange one. Mostly because no one from work was there. Its one of immigration's favourite evening hangouts, but there was no immi officer in sight anywhere... so suddenly I felt like the new guy in town, standing around trying to fit into a group of people I didn't know. It was quite an ironic situation really... at least it felt ironic to me.

The Araluen Chilli Festival
Ah yes... the sweet sweet chilli festival. They day started when I departed my humble home at 12:10 in order to pick up Shazza by 12:30, pop by Judith's so she could follow me with her cousin, pick up Jen in Mt Lawley, and then head down the Freeway to Atwell to pick up Makan.The drive from Atwell to Araluen was a pleasant one. Traffic was flowing nicely and traffic lights were few. The same could not be said for the way home (up Albany Hwy) which was far from relaxing.

The Araluen Chilli Festival is an annual event which has started to develop a loyal, and more and more sizable following.

Makan walking, and Jen and Charmaine perving on some guys ass

Its always difficult to explain to people that the festival is not, in fact, a Mexican style chilli cook-off (though that would be a lot of fun). Instead, it is a festival devoted to the Chilli Plant, and the wonderful things you can do with them. Luckily, this year, there were quite a few curry AND Chilli-stands. Give it another two to three years, and a cook-off is bound to be on the lists of events.

We didnt waste much time when we got there. We were hungry. And after a 5 minute period trying to quell our hunger with sample chilli dips, we decided to fork out some money and actually buy some food. I, as well as Judith's Cousin, ate some Indian Curry for lunch, while the others settled for some manner of spinach pita-bread stuff. I think we made the right choice, though she appeared to struggle with the hotter curries.

Charmaine and Jud's cousin enjoying a chat and a meal.

I was stuffed.... we continued our journey along the marked path and sampled several delightful chilli-things, and even gazed upon some chilli-plants. They looked glorious. And while I really really wanted one, I knew that I could not offer it a good home at the moment. Perhaps next year.

My full stomach did not stop me from getting overly excited at the sight of the Malaga Bratwurst Man! I love that guy, and love his sausage(s). I managed to squeeze one down my gob, and thoroughly enjoyed ordering it in German :-)

Soon enough, we were in the licenced area, listening to African music, watching some African tribal dancing (so much ass shaking) and enjoying some chilli inspired alcoholic beverages. The Chilli-Beer proved popular, though my liking of it dissipated when I learnt that it was actually a NSW product.. I really wanted it to be local.

For some reason, Judith was reacting rather badly to the African music. While the rest of us quite enjoyed it, she absolutely despised it. As a result, she got into a bit of a mood, which was a shame. We still had a good time though.

Makan enjoying the good stuff | Makan and I having photo-times. I love my hat | Jen and Charmaine looking good for the Camera

Jen and Makan got along pretty damn well... under different, more affordable circumstances, they would have had an all-out drinking competition... there was much talk of it, and I did buy them a round or two which kept them happy. That being said, Makan would have no chance against Jen... she is the drinking master, and no one can touch her....NO ONE!!

I think this festival will only get bigger and I'm already looking forward to next year's :P

Well, that's all for now. As predicted, I have not managed to strike a lot of topics off my list, but hopefully I'll get to them in the near future. I will leave you with the following pics... make of them what you will.