March 19th, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

Voice Post: Voice Post, prior to the Mûm Concert :-)

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You guys probably can't here me but I'll leave a message anyway. I'm just sitting outside with Blake waiting for the doors to swing open so we can go and see Mûm - one of our delicious ice landing brethren.

We have a bit of an incident here, an incident earlier today when a under 18 man tried to sneak his way in with us. I pretended to be the brother and pretended to be a guardian but they seem to have cottoned on and they wouldn't allow him to enter the premises which was unfortunate.

"Cheers mate"... I had to pass some glasses on to him (waiter) ___ but anyway he didn't get in. Now we're sitting here having a couple of Bevis waiting for our fun to begin but it should be good.

Alright. Take care and I shall write up a proper post later.


Transcribed by: aussiepoida