March 20th, 2008

aussiepoida - LOL

Oh, How The Music Drifts...

Good Morning,

As my previous voice post indicated, last night was the night for Múm, plus special guest.

Blake and I got to the Rosemount Hotel a little before 20:00. While walking from the car-park, a young man came out of the shadows and enquired if we were on our way to see Múm. I noticed he had a ticket in his hand, so I was happy to confirm with him that that was the case. (Until I saw the ticket, I assumed my car was going to get broken into while we were enjoying the show). His name was Matt and we listened to his blight. Apparently, he tried to get in, but was refused entry due to the fact that he was not 18 yet. He asked to to pretend to be his brother, and I thought 'why not?'. After a couple of sentences were exchanged, he (much to Blake's and I's amusement) requested that I speak with an Australian accent to make our siblingness more convincing. This request was ignored.

We got to the door... Matt did not get in. I told him I'd see him at home. Poor bastard :-)

Once inside the grounds, we enjoyed a couple of beers, while patiently waiting for the doors to open.

The crowd gathering patiently at the back of the Rosemount Hotel || Blake making the most of the wait

I must digress for a moment to briefly rant about mobile phone cameras - They fucking suck! Not that I didn't know that already, and not that I was at all surprised by the shitty pics that were produced last night. Furthermore, I'm sick of overhearing people refer to megapixels as a measure of quality. IT AINT! Compare this photo (which has been scaled to half its original size) taken with my 8 year old 2mp camera to the images taken at last nights event with my new 2mp Nokia phone. I chose the linked image because it is a nigh-time shot for the purposes of comparison. back onto the topic then

The doors opened and we went within the bowels of the hotel. At first we sat at the bar, then I spotted a table to one side of the stage, which I took possession of enthusiastically.. Blake was less enthusiastic due to its position (right in-front of some floor-to-ceiling speakers), so I went back to the bar. I then noticed that people had started sitting on the floor in-front of the stage. We joined the lazing crowed, and soon the support act appeared on stage - Perth Post-Rock band Radarmaker.

Radarmaker were surprisingly good. So good that I will be keeping an eye out for their album(s) next time I go to a CD store. The first two songs, as well as the last, were definitely standouts, and I found myself liking the songs without proper vocals much more than the ones with. That being said, it is difficult to be original within the post-rock genre sometimes, and their music sounded a lot like Explosions in the Sky, and the occasional bit of Sigur Rós.

My only issue with Radarmaker was, unfortunately, Wendi - Their only female band-member. She did not look like she was having a good time. She looked stressed, which did not suits the post-rock music they were playing. Without actually knowing her, I wont judge her too harshly, but I dont think she looked like she was enjoying making the music they were playing. Even when they did a instrument swap, her drumming somehow seemed to lack passion...

The crowd seated on the ground, listening to Radarmaker

Radarmaker... though not going very much in this shot

I had high hopes that given the type of music that múm was about to play, that the crowed would simply remain seated and enjoy the ambience of their sound... unfortunately, the people that had stood at the back during Radarmaker had different ideas, and soon everyone was forced to stand in order to see. With everyone seated, there was a great atmosphere... with everyone standing, it soon felt like we were there to watch a pub band... a bit of a shame.

"We are the musical group múm" was heard through the speakers. A introduction made all the more cute by the think accident, brought all the way from Iceland. The band started playing, and the audience was entranced.

The only múm song that I actively recognised was "Oh, How The Boat Drifts" from their "Summer Make Good" album. Many other songs sounded familiar, though I certainly could not think of their titles. They introduced a few of their songs by explaining what they were about, though their comment about the plant song were most memorable - "This next song is about Plants - You have so many plants growing here! In Iceland we have three. Not three types, just three plants"

They used a variety of traditional and unconventional instruments during the show, though I dont know the names of any of them :P Most prominent of these were the blow-pipe fuelled mini-piano/ accordion things.

The only photo I took of múm on stage. You can see why. Damn phone camera

It turns out that múm are a very likeable band indeed. They had great chemistry on stage and really seemed to enjoy playing for their fans... despite the heat, which must have been around 30 degrees. At one point one of the band members said that "I hope you guys are used to the heat, because we're not". If they were uncomfortable, they certainly didn't look like it. That being said, the stage manger was behind them, enthusiastically swinging the stage-doors open and closed to get air circulating around the stage.... I'm sure it helped the situation a little.

Somehow, a Asian guy with his two female friends whom was sitting behind me, had someone managed to get in front of me during the 'stand up' process. While this did not bother me initially, this event resulted in me expending much of my mental energy to not knocking him to the ground...yes. It is a shame that my most vivid memories of last night are of this damn huge head and hair! In addition to not being able to see past him easily, he kept moving back towards me... slowly, and constantly, resulting in me having to move back in the same manner, in order to to avoid having his asshole grind on my mons-pubis. I must stress that there was no need for him to be moving back. There was plenty of room between him and his female accomplice, and even more room between her and the guy in front or her. I could tell people behind me were getting annoyed with me having to move back and I soon found myself so sandwiched that the only way I could clap was by raising my hands high above my head (to the delight of the band, no doubt), or to clap directly into my left or right ear.

Its a shame that so much of my mind was occupied with this guy. None the less, múm were fantastic.

I did not recognise the encore at all. Indeed, it might not even have been a song :-) While it started innocently enough, it slowly turned into a huge wave of distorted noise at ear-bleeding sound levels. Some people were covering their ears, but I loved it. I stood there with my eyes closed (perhaps because I was sick of looking at hair) and felt the vibrations through my whole body. Twas pretty damn cool, though certainly not music my parents would approve of :-)

While I never claimed to be a huge fan (I only own one of their albums), my fondness for them has increased greatly after last night.