April 2nd, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

A weekend of highs and lows


Last weekend was certainly a big of a mixed bag, though the bad did not outweigh the good. As such, I am happy to declare it a great weekend.

Friday night was interesting, in the since that Blake and I enjoyed more drinks than we normally would. These drinks were mainly inspired by the knowledge that Dale and Tara (and a couple of Dale's cousins from Ireland) would be coming around. SMS' received before their arrival confirmed that they were indeed trollied, and we did not want to be the only sober ones.

While the first few drinks felt a little forced, the alcohol soon took hold, and before long we were playing Wii Tennis and Boxing with much merriment. We combined that with a little beat-driven music, and soon we were doing our best 'So you think you can dance' auditions.... and yes... we thought it.

The others turned up and we had a great time playing Tennis and Bowling. I wont the first game of bowling, while the second game I cant even recall :P

To end the evening, we danced in the media room to Daft Punk.... we stood in a circle as we took turns dancing in the centre... I thought I was fantastic, though I'm sure that was just the alcohol convincing me of that.

Trace had worked a afternoon/evening shift and was supposed to work the following morning. As such, the evening was concluded soon after midnight. Blake had commenced our drinks around 1800, so I was more than happy to call it a night by then.

In contrast, my planned Muse viewing ended up being a total flop. No one turned up. It was a little bizarre to sit and wait for people to turn up, and then eventually realising that no one was coming. Nothing like that has ever happened to Tracy and I. I can only assume that two events organised in one weekend was too much for work people... I dont blame them, but I do blame them for not letting me know they weren't coming, until I eventually had to prompt them via sms to figure out if anyone was coming.

When combined with the fact that both Matty and Makan were eager to come over (but were turned away due to the Muse viewing) and the fact that Trace and I were not at all in the mood to sit around the house by ourselves, I ended up getting a little shitty about the waste of time. Thankfully the day was not a complete write-off, as Tracy, Makan and I ended up heading down to Freo for a little drink at Little Creatures.

Makan, apparently, played like shit at Botanic Golf... missing that is one of my biggest regrets, as I would have loved to have played against him under that circumstances. I grow tired of loosing to him.

Just quickly - I went out to the Immigration Detention Centre and Perth Airport today. It was a interesting experience. I would love to work out at the airport, as the 12hour, 4 day on/off roster appeals to me... as do the penalty rates :P