April 20th, 2008

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20/04/08 - Update/Follow-up to the previous journal entry:

I'm not a paranoid man, but a red car had just pulled up outside the house with a couple of young folks sitting in it.... I had noticed a similar/same red car following behind me after the 'incident' above. They just sat in the car and stared at the house and talked for about 30 seconds before driving on. The passenger was a guy, but I could not see the driver. I wonder if the cow actually followed me to see where I live? Surely people aren't that mad. Hopefully there will be no further updates about this matter in future.

...how strange of me to even think about this.
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Welcome to the roundup: Friends, Coffee and Wii

Its been an interesting past couple of weeks for good and bad reasons.

I've been pleased with the amount of coffees and teas that have been consumed lately. Especially since the crowd is 'slowly' expanding. That's not to say that more-is-better, but it is somewhat nice to learn that we are not the only people that like to go out for coffee, rather than drinks on a Friday/Saturday night.... and weeknights, for that matter.

Markus tagged along on one of our trips to the Exomod and the result was a pleasure. We sat outside and discussed music, while watching the drunken peoples filter out of The Flying Scotsman. So good was our time there that we actually had a second cup of coffee...something that has not happened it quite some time.

After the cafe, we headed home and watched Völkerball with the sound turned up. It is such a fantastic concert and I doubt a single member of the audience left unsatisfied. (Take note AIR). Its also one of those DVDs that just sounds fantastic, and for me that's very important indeed. Pretty much my only gripe with the show is that Engel wasn't played. Its one of their most instantly likeable tracks... and for that reason, they are probably quite bored of playing it.

After Rammstein we played a round of Worms: A Space Oddity. When I first played the game I thought it was utter trash... my opinion still holds that that view, but after my initial disgust, I have started enjoying playing it somewhat. The controls are just awful... everyone agrees... that being said, I've learnt to accept them. It probably takes a good 10 rounds or so before any manner of confidence starts to form with the controls... which is way too long for a game which is supposed to be the very pinnacle of Casual Gaming.

Makan popped over on a couple of occasions mid-week in order to play some Big Brain Academy and Mario Galaxy. He has taken a liking to both. Makan, Blake and I also headed out for a coffee, during which time Blake warmed somewhat to the Iranian man. It was good to see.

All that is left now if for all four of us to get together at the same time... oh how strange that would be to me.. none the less, its something I would like to see happen.

E-von from work, and her bubby Fernando came over last night to play a bit of Wii.

(I always find it strange to see work colleagues out of work. I'm not sure why... While I'm at work, I feel like I know these people pretty well, while outside of work I feel like I'm just getting to know them).

F put up a pretty damn good struggle with Wii Tennis. In fact, its been a long time since I've had to work so hard to beat someone :-) I would have loved a second match. That game was followed by some Bowling... I actually played one of my worst games in a long long time... luckily everyone else was having similarly bad luck, and I actually manged to win it.

...but then came Wii Boxing.... F is some manner of master-megaman with that game, and I got my ass kicked, apsolutely. After the first two games, I realised that I can not possibly beat this man with any method that I possessed at that point. He has a system... I must find out what it is. I'm hopeful that we'll get another chance to battle sometime in the future... perhaps the outcome will be different next time :-)

We also played some Worms, before picking up dinner and commencing a 15-turn spate of Mario Party 8. It was also enjoyable, and I hope to play a longer game with them sometime soon. I've had dreams of a Mario Party drinking party for some time. It seems fun in my head, but might not work as well in real life... my idea is that every-time you eat a Candy, you have to have a shot. I must try this... one day.

F ended up winning the game... he is a man of commendable skill, and it is obvious that he has a deep connection to Mario and his band-of-brothers-and-sisters. I've only been a Nintendo Child for a couple of years, where as he has been living and breathing this stuff for quite a long time.... for that I envy him :-)

Tracy, though coming last, did approve of the fun we were having, and has made mention of a rematch :-)

I'm looking forward to a rematch of all things Wii with E and F.... especially Mario Kart Wii, which comes out this Thursday ^_^

Cheers for now,