April 27th, 2008

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A One Night Stand | Coffee with the Boys | A Price Paid | Mario Races Again!

Hello there,

Makan, Markus and I headed down to Collie for Triple J's One Night Stand. I didn't care overly about the bands that were playing. For me it was just an excuse to get out of the city, if only for a few hours, and do something different.

Markus, Makan and I looking very excited

The drive down there was pleasant enough. I tend to look forward to long country drives, as it presents a great opportunity to listen to a lot of music. Just between you and I though, I did miss Blake's company for that very reason. Makan and Markus (especially Markus) have different tastes of music to me... more importantly, they lack a certain amount of passion for the stuff. (That statement is less true for Markus, who's taste is simply very different to mine). The point being that the drive didn't quite feel as satisfying as it should have. Not that I'm complaining - it was still great to go on a road-trip with the boys.

Faker were pretty decent, though suffered a bit by performing during daylight hours.... in truth, after seeing Unkle at the Big Day Out, I'm not sure if any bands should EVER perform in daylight - not if the bands really want to ROCK!!

Pnau performed the same garbage they performed at the Big Day Out (see my Big Day Out post for more details). That being said, they did perform a couple of tracks that I actually didn't mind.... I have no idea what they were called, and I didn't like them enough to look into it more.

The Stage from a distance and the Carnival

I've been hearing good things about Cog, and I was quite eager to see them... it was quite surprising to me then that all I could think about after/during Pnau was driving back and beating the traffic... and perhaps enjoy a coffee in Mt Lawley before calling it a night. As such, since everyone seemed to be of the same frame of mind, I didn't not bother staying to watch Cog... hopefully I wont regret that once I get more familiar with them.

The road out of Collie was busy with teenage girls and boys from the big city, with no idea how to drive on a country road. It would take too long for me to describe some of the idiocy that was going on.... rest assured though that it was just plain scary to see how incompetent some of these young drivers were.... I must stress that they were NOT speeding, but were doing many other things which raised my eyebrows. USE YOUR DAMN BRAIN, LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, READ THE DAMN ROAD SIGNS, GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS OR JUST STAY OFF THE COUNTRY ROADS.

Ironically, after all my ranting, I got my first speeding fine in about 8 years on the way to Mt Lawley :P I was driving down Wellington St when all of the sudden, a cop jumped off the median-strip in front of the car and pointed at me to pull over. He said that he "pulled me over because of THIS!", and showed me the speed gun which said 64km/h... I responded with a 'ok', at which point he informed me that the limit on Wellington St (a 4-6 lane major road) has a 50km/h limit because it is not signed otherwise. I was shocked that he actually fined me... I was expecting a warning. 64km/h hardly counts as hooning, and a warning would have sufficed... especially since he checked my licence over the radio, whom would have told him I had a clean record. I dont mind paying a fine if I've actually knowingly done something - but this was just a little ridiculous for my taste. They were pulling over dozens or drivers. Revenue raising.... I dont like using the word, but that's all it was.

Coffee was nice - Blake met us there. That being said, after many many hours of driving, I was feeling tired and eager to get home... the fine didn't help that mood. None the less, we had some good laughs and good tarts.

Mario Kart Wii has been purchased and played. Markus, Blake, Makan and I raced for almost 9 hours straight on the first night. We went to bed at about 03:15 and got back up at 9:30 to play some more. Blake didn't actually stay over, but joined us again in the morning. The man has some manner of gift when it comes to Mario Kart. The came first in almost all of the races... his intimate knowledge of the Mario Kart DS stages probably had something with it - though it could also be the fact that he appears to have played every incarnation of this game since it first appeared.

I dont really have anything negative to say about the game.. its a hell of a lot of fun and I'm sure we'll be playing it for many months before we get sick of it. The online play is fantastic - the quick little globe animation that shows where each player is from really adds to a sense of 'community'.

The new tracks are fantastic and creative, while its great to be able to play some of classic tracks from the previous version of the game. I'm particularly happy about the inclusion of DK Mountain - a course which has always been the main contest arena for Adrian and I :P