April 29th, 2008

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Bloody Grass Plants
Bloody Grass Plants
My eye the morning after the grass plant incident

I had a bit of a run-in with a grass plant out the front of our house yesterday.... I assumed it would be ok by morning, but it was not... a visit to the doctor later and now I have to use something worse than eye-drops.... eye-cream.

Damn it all!!!
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I ordered a Big iMac

It's taken about two years longer than I originally planned, but Trace and I have finally purchased a new Mac.

The current Mac Mini was never meant to be a long-term solution, but has held up well enough over this time for us to be satisfied with it. I originally bought it because my PC was literally dying... it was suffering from hardware failure and could not be relied on to store my precious data. So we bought the mac mini as a means of saving our data.

The original plan was to keep it for 6 months and then buy a new Mac Laptop of sorts... but by the time they came out, I was more than satisfied with the little mac we called our own. (Apart from the time the the new revision came out and made mine look like crap :-0 )

So, yesterday Apple released new revisions of the iMac and I could not resist. I've been looking to upgrade (patiently) for about half a year and was excited enough about these new editions to purchase one.

The excitement is two fold - Firstly, I'm looking forward to having a new Mac... it will be much speedier than the mac mini and have a much nicer/bigger screen. A new mac is always nice, yes. Secondly is the fact that the mac mini is to be retired to the media room! I'm so damn thankful that I wont have to burn divX cds and dvds anymore.. finally we'll be able to play everything (including iTunes) straight from the mac.. it will be so much easier... so very much easier :P

All we have to do now is await its arrival at our doorstep next week...