August 1st, 2008

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Yesterday was, apparently, my last day in the Citizenship section. As of next Monday, I will be in the Student Compliance team on a temporary basis. How long my 'temporary' status will last depends mostly on the outcome of the latest selection round for which I attended an interview for a couple of weeks ago. I should know more about my long-term placement by the end of August.

Last night, Trace, Blake and I went to a Chinese Restaurant in Merriwa. It was appalling, and yet I found myself going back to the buffet on three occasions. Every part of me was sure that I was going to be as sick as a dog today.... but I was not. Happy days. Most of what we ate was cold, so I expected the worst.

Foodwise, today was not much better. Trace and I went to the Sorrento Beach Shack at Hillary's. We both ordered some manner of quiche. We waited ages for it (considering all they had to do is cut it) and it was cold when it arrived at the table... so where the chips that came with it. The salad was shit (and I normally eat salad at restaurants) and obviously just a garnish designed to take up room on the plate. Do make things worse, the coffee I ordered to go with my food was equally bad. I shall not return to that place... and hopefully nor will you!!

We bought a bean bag today, as an extra seat for the media room. The photo below depicts Trace and I enjoying its comforts.

In case you are wondering, August 1st is the Swiss National Holiday. We wore the shirts to celebrate this wonderful day... and yes, we wore them in public too.

The last week has seen a couple of other pieces of furniture enter our household. Such as these Ikea bookshelfs we bought for the dining room (to keep our DVDs in). Thanks must go out to Markus who constructed two of these bad boys.

Its quite amazing what difference these shelves have made to the atmosphere in that space. It feels a lot more homely now :-) The house still feels very very empty, but we are slowly filling it with stuff. I've been quite eager to start putting up photos of our travels and such... choosing the right frames is hard though.

We also finally bought a low-line entertainment unit for the media room. It's been very difficult finding one that actually suits our needs. There were quite a few constraints that we had to consider. Particularly Height - its surprisingly hard to find a 'low' low-line :-) Thanks to Blake and Markus for helping me out with the re-wiring of the HT stuff. It's amazing how much time it takes to connect all those damn wires.

Below, just for historical records, is what the back part of the media room currently looks like. We are hoping to get the room (as well as the remaining parts of the house) painted over the next few weeks. Its going to be a real pain in the ass, but it has to get done. I am looking forward to having it all finished.

Michelle and Daniel came around earlier tonight to watch a couple of episodes of I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Its a show that makes me want to watch an actual game show, while at the same time making me hate American TV even more. Its truly appalling TV... truly.

Lombardi will move into Michelle and Daniel's place on Sunday to house-sit, while they enjoy a holiday in Japan. It will give him some breathing space for a while. It will be good having him living closer, as it will allow for more casual and improvised visits.