September 4th, 2008

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Reading E-von’s journal has made me realise that I’ve let my standards slip lately. Maybe it’s because I see my own writing in a different light, but her writing style seems so much nicer to me. It’s easy to read, even when she’s describing difficult circumstances. It’s subtly amusing, while remaining (mostly) dignified.

It’s not often that I read my own journal and think ‘I enjoyed reading that’. The only one I can think of right now is the New Norcia entry that I made a while back. While I was writing it I knew that a lot of people would probably think I was writing nonsense and rubbish, but I felt good while I was writing it, silly as it was.

I often find it frustrating when I want to write about something with passion, and I end up writing about it in a generic manner. Perhaps it’s because I spend a lot of time writing at work, and when I get home I have difficulty settling back into my own style.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to call a number of my Swiss relatives for some time now. The 7 hour time difference is really counterproductive to me, since I often wake up in the morning with the urge to call. By the time I get home and have cooked and settled in, I’ve normally put it to the back of my mind ñ not because I’ve I don’t want to call, but because my energy levels are quite low by that time and I don’t want to bored people with my unenergetic tone.

It’s been a bout 3 months since I’ve last spoken to them. I must call them soon. Must. That being said, I can’t believe how low the uptake of online social networking is in Switzerland. My family is pretty sizable, and yet none of them can be found on any networking sites. They’re not on livejournal (though they do read mine), they’re not on facebook, and they’re not on myspace (which I hate anyway, so no great loss there). I keep in contact with a lot or people everywhere. But Switzerland is a like a black hole on my cyber-radar. It’s a shame. The world feels like such a small place these days, but I don’t feel physically close to my family at all. I can’t wait for the day when they finally use the Internet for more than just email.

It has now been a little over two weeks since Blake’s move to Korea. He hasn’t updated his journal much, which surprised me a little. Thinking back to my travels, I really enjoyed sitting in dodgy internet cafe’s updating my journal... that being said, I guess he is not actually ‘travelling’, but attended interdiction sessions for his work. None the less, I hope he gets a computer soon and recommences his updates. I don’t expect he’ll bring us up-to-date as such, but I do look forward to hearing about his continuous experiences over there. Sometimes facebook status updates just aren’t enough to satisfy my hunger for information, William Blake. But I guess they’ll do as appetisers :-)

Photography - I used to love it, but feel that I don’t have enough time for it these days... though that’s a bunch of rubbish really. I have plenty of time. I just spend too much of it being unproductive. I used to love heading out of the house with my camera in hand, jumping in the car and driving in some random direction, all the while keeping a lookout for photo opportunities. It is something that I stopped doing after our last world-trip. I miss it.

I’ve been using a Canon S50 for over 5 years now. It’s a 5.1mp semi-auto compact digital. It’s the camera that taught me about photography. It showed me the effects that shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings actually have on a image. I was fascinated how the mood of shot could be changed, just by shifting one of those elements.

I am little bit past its relatively limited settings now though. I want to start playing with lenses and filters. I need a new camera.

Actually, I need two new cameras. As much as I love the S50, it’s just too big to take around with me casually. It’s not the sort of camera I can just slip into my pocket when I’m going to a concert. I’m pretty sure one of the new compact Olympus cameras should fit the bill nicely.

The other camera that has caught my attention is the Nikon D90. I’ve been looking at the Nikon’s ever since seeing my uncle’s work back in Switzerland. He’s a professional photographer and manages to make a fair bit of money with his work. The D90 is $1050 without a lens, and $1600 with a decent all-round lens. I guess I shall add that to the other $2500 worth of ‘wants’ that are on my list at the moment. I need to win lotto. Trace would lever allow such a purchase otherwise :-)