December 9th, 2008

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

East Coast Wanderings: Gold Coast

Hello there,

Here is part two (of three) of my Holiday journal. Point form you say? Well ok then :P

Surfer's Paradise
* Big and cheesy
* Reminded me of Miami, with a touch of Niagara Falls.
* Nothing cultural about it, but was fun to experience for a couple of hours.
* Surfer's more mature and classy sibling to the south
* Nice atmosphere and older crowd
* Some fancy looking restaurants
* Much smaller than we was expecting
* Nice enough for a couple of hours
* Roller-coaster was decent
* Dolphin show was too rehearsed and 'magical' for its own good
* The big underwater observatory featuring buckets of large and small fish was great
* Much smaller than we were expecting
* Slides were a lot of fun, but waiting times were too long
* Slides were too organised and 'safe' - a problem everywhere in Australia
* Captain Pete's Tender Treasures - A menu item we never got to try... sounds wonderful though
Gold Coast Hinterland
* Lovely drive around the hills
* Open air market at Mt Tambourine was memorable for it's Sausage and country music
* The primary reason for being in the area (the distillery) was closed... I was not happy, but happy to be out of Surfer's Paradise for the day
* The drive from the market to the glow-worm cave was lovely, but extremely frustrating from a navigator's perspective
* The Bush walk was very nice, as was the waterfall. No glow-worms were seen due to excessive ambient light :-(
* Accentually crossed the border into NSW with a QLD pineapple... luckily we managed to smuggle him back... and ate him
* Batwing ride was great :-)
* Superman's Escape was the best ride overall (from any park). Trace and I love those standing start roller-coasters
* Lethal Weapon was a bitch of a ride that smacked our heads around like rag-doll's... no matter how hard we pushed our heads back
* Lost our new little camera with a whole lot of photos on the Log ride. It was pretty frustrating
* Much better than what we were expecting. Much Better. I thought it was going to be the McDonnalds of the Zoo world.. but I was wrong
* The Elephant feeding was wonderful
* The show in the Crocoseum was better and more varied than expected (such wonderful birds and snakes)
* The wombats were active, which is always an unusual sight
* The Tigers played with their keepers nicely
* Tracy got to pat a Koala ^_^

* Themed dinner cabaret show - much better than we thought it was going to be
* Ghost train to the showroom was fun, and the drinks were good
* Food was delicious, and the show was mostly fantastic
* Went form much longer than expected 18:30 - 23:30
* Overall great value for money

Byron Bay
* A lovely day-trip from the Gold Coast
* Its a rather fantastic and photogenic bay indeed. Would love to spend a week there or so
* We walked to the Eastern Most Point of Mainland Australia :P
* We enjoyed some Hare Hare Food... I love that stuff :P
Movies - Yes, we saw a couple... we wanted to have relaxing evenings after all
* Death Race - Shit movie, but we had fun watching it 4/10 (though 8/10 if your in the mood for mindless action)
* RocknRolla - Guy Richy did well with this, though I dont think its as good as his original London gangster movies. 6.5/10
* Nights in Rodanthe - So bad. 2/10