January 18th, 2009

aussiepoida - MaybeAngry

lj.. good god y'all.. what is it good for?

LJ - You make me feel like I live in the 90s. If I wasn't for the fact that I've paid for a permanent account, I would have probably left you a long time ago. I find you're lack of features astounding and your usability irritating. All I want to do is type some text and post a couple of photos.... why do you make it so difficult? Compared to other sites, you are like a dinosaur, refusing to evolve. Its hard to believe that there are some 18 million users on this site, at lot of whom have paid for their subscription.... and yet I have no idea where that money goes. Look at how well coded facebook is! look at blogger and deviantart! those sites feel modern and usable. It shits me how much more usable to deviantart journal system is compared to LJ, and its not even its primary function. You have one job to do LJ... one job, and you are not going well. I am a loyal user... on LJ you have to be... 

All I wanted to do today was write a entry about the Bon Iver gig a couple of nights ago, pop in a couple of photos and post it.... just too damn difficult.

Your Scrapbook plugin download page (pics.livejournal.com/site/clients) states that you are "working closely with another developer to release a completely free, more feature-packed iPhoto exporter". That text has been there ever since I joined LJ!! The iPhoto plugin does not work on OS X 10.5, which was released in October 2007! How long does it take to 'work closely with another developer' and come up with something that works?! ..and do not talk to be about JIX

The posting clients work, but are cumbersome, outdated and basically unsupported by LJ.

LJ Labs - "a place for us to get your feedback and contributions on new services that we are developing. Please play around and let us know your thoughts." My thoughts are that you have developed nothing of use. Nothing. Your finished projects are corrupt and pointless, while your "Work in Progress" have been in 'progress' for as long as I remember... also, they are pretty much pointless to the overall use of the site.

I am not ungrateful for the effort that the devoted lj community developers have put into their publicly available plugins and programs. In fact, I am very thankful. I'm AM shitty at the company itself for not doing more with the money I've given them.

This was supposed to be a two line bitch... I'm sorry I've ranted a bit.