February 1st, 2009

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So here I find myself.. sitting in a serviced apartment, on the other side of the country. I’m watching the tennis… the final. And what a final it is. I’m firmly on Federer’s side, and its not just because he’s Swiss.


I’ve been looking forward to this phase 1 compliance course for quite a long time. Its been about 18 months since I first got wind of the fact that I would probably be attending this course… and here I am, on the eve of its commencement.


I caught a taxi from my place to my parents’ house. It was one of the first times that I’ve been in a Commodore taxi, rather than a falcon. And yes what…. If broke down :-) So Markus and I spend about 25mins in rather hot conditions waiting for a replacement cab to turn up. My dad dropped me off at the airport.


The flight over here was as pleasant as always. They showed two movies – Nights in Nathanthe(cant remember how to spell) and The Duchess. It seems a little strange to me that they would show two chick-flicks on a four hour flight… There were certainly more men on the plane than women.


I took the opportunity to start watching the Docos that Daniel had given to me. Who killed the electric car? And the Venus project. The former was a decently balanced documentary containing factual information that raised my eyebrows. It was not surprising with what it explained, but it does make you wonder about how greed gets in the way of progress.


The latter was pretty close to a cult documentary. I enjoyed the ideas contained within it. I enjoyed the guys vision of what the future could be like. He envisions a future where machines do all the work, and humans get the time and space to become what we are supposed to be. The problem with his vision (at least in the way that they were presented) is that the world is actually filled with smart and not-so-smart people whom could not possibly exist in the academic structure he tries to portray. We are not all philosophers and scientists. Some of us are lazy bums…. Where do those people fit into his system?


Watching it reminded me of two things – Communisms and Socialism. It honestly reminded me of Hitler’s vision for Germany - a superior culture of academics and artist.


The Taxi I caught from Brisbane airport ran out of LPG on the way to a petrol station. We had to push it for about 100m to the nearest station. Not a good day for cabs and I.. clearly.


So yes…. Here I sit. The accommodation is actually nicer that I was expecting. It’s a little one bedroom serviced apartment. There are a lot of Korean restaurants and mini-marts around, so I can only assume that this is the Korean part of town. I didn’t think Brisbane was big enough to actually have anything other than a Chinatown, but I was wrong.


I am slightly annoyed about the internet charges in the place though. They want $60… a crazy amount I am not willing to spend. I would love to have access here, but its just not a good way to spend my money. I will have to upload these entries using some other hotspot.


Trace is not here with me, which is a little off putting. But she’ll be here in a few days to keep me company and to explore the city with me. The course will keep me busy during the week, so I hope she won’t be bored while I am away.


The game is certainly a intense one. Federer has not managed to create any manner of definitive dominance. Both players have made some fantastic shots, while both have made terrible terrible mistakes. I was hoping to go to bed early tonight, but I don’t think I can while this battle is still going on. I will need to have a shower and shave between the next sets.


The TV here is a little funky. It took me a long time to turn it on, using some random instructions given to me by reception. Push the red button, push the buttons on the side. Then push the red button twice to make it go green. Then push a button on the remote. Etc etc. Its rather strange.


Anyway, I’m using this laptop on my lap… and my neathers are starting to feel a little.. strange… I always thought this was just a urban myth…. But I must take this thing off me before it doe some manner of permanent damage :-) Crazy times.