February 5th, 2009

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

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It’s been a few days now. A few days filled with learning, excitement and frustration.


The course is filled with plenty of interesting characters… characters which are certainly more interesting that the presenters. Don’t get me wrong – the presenters are very knowledgeable about their subject, but most of them are clearly not teachers.

Subject matter experts? Yes. Lecturers and mentors? God no.


Its amazing the difference that a little charisma makes to a persons learning ability. The Ethics guy on Tuesday is a good example. The subject was, of course, boring. But the lecturer managed to turn it into a fun day filled with discussion and debate.. and learning.


The guys that have been lecturing us on the Migration Act and Bridging Visas for the last couple of days are arrogant, condescending and smug. They are both old-school public servants from Canberra. Their heads are filled with knowledge, but not the will to share it properly. They seem to think that they are god’s gift to the Immigration Department… but the fact is that they are past their prime, but are desperately trying to remaining important. I don’t think they are bad guys, but they need to get off their high horses and pass on their knowledge in a productive manner.


Which brings me to the other people in the course. Most of the people are from Brisbane. There are a couple of people from Adelaide & Cairns, and one person each from Canberra and Hobart. Shockingly, they are mostly new. In fact, a couple of them started with immigration on the first day of the training. To me, this seems crazy. More specifically, I think it’s a waste of money and resources.


I was looking forward to meeting other people from other offices and discussing issues and procedures with them. Instead I have found myself in a room mostly filled with people that actually have no idea of what we do. It’s a shame, and its crazy.


That being said, I like most of the people I’ve met. And I’m sure I’ll be staying in touch with at least a couple of them. Sonja and Glynn specifically.


Tracy arrived on Yesterday afternoon. Its certainly nice to have her here, though this is certainly not a holiday for me, and I hope she manages to entertain herself while I’m at work. I thought I would have more energy and motivation to do things after work, but the course leaves me feeling drained at the end of each day. Nonetheless, we will certainly make the most of the next couple of days.


Brisbane is a nice city. I could quite easily live here. Though I say that without having seen suburbia, which is where we would be living realistically. Its easy to like a place when you’re staying in a rather lovely inner-city service apartment :-)