February 8th, 2009

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Trace has left the city. As I type this, she is taking off and returning home. I envy her.


On Thursday night we decided to have a lazy evening and went to the movies. The cinema is only a two minute walk away, which is pretty bloody handy. We watched Pride and Glory, which was decent enough, but not memorable.


Friday evening we went to the Sit Down Comedy Club - the food there was shockingly bad, and the drinks rather overpriced, but the acts were pretty good, with the exception of the first guy… he sucked mostly because he didn’t want no accept the fact that he was not funny. He seemed to be quite irritated that were not laughing at his jokes with greater enthusiasm.. he just wasn’t overly amusing, and the tension didn’t help.


Unbeknownst to us, the headline act was a guy we saw in Melbourne a few months ago. The first two or three jokes were the same, and our minds drew to sneaking out of the place. Luckily the act soon changed and kept us amused for the remainder of the evening.


On Saturday we strolled over the pedestrian bridge to Southbank. I was rather amazed by that place…. A fake beach. A number of pools, restaurants, city and river views. Lovely parks and boardwalk. It further cemented my view that this a great city to live in. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.


The evening before, I had spent some time reading Lonely Planet, trying to establish the must-see sights that the city has to offer. I soon discovered that there are none. It sounds terrible, but I would say the same for Perth. Brisbane does not seem to be a wonderful place due to distinct sights and sounds, but it is fantastic due to the wonderful quality and character of its parts… whatever they are :-)


The city itself is full of high-rise apartment blocks. I love it. Its amazing how much energy residential buildings bring to a city centre. Perth is pretty much dead after 19:00 each night, but that is slowly starting to change. More and more people are starting to live in the city… in East and West Perth. They are currently building a couple of apartment blocks in the centre. I hope they are the first of many. (though I hope for the sake of our investment, that ‘many’ will not result in a drop in property prices).


I’m halfway though my course. All the assessments are due at the end of the week and I don’t think I’ll get too much time to relax. As much as I like the place, I would have loved to have left with Trace today… I feel strangely lonely here now.


With that said, I must stress that I am looking forward to Preacher’s arrival on Friday. Its great that we get a chance on a pretty regular basis, even though we live on separate sides of the country.


Scotch will be drunk. Delicious scotch. I just hope we can find a nice cozy bar that knows how to serve it.


I was hoping to stay at my current accommodation for an extra couple of days, but the guys at reception didn’t seems very interested in giving me a discount. A little strange, considering I’m booked in for 12 nights. I honestly thought they’d just let me stay for $110 a night or so… especially since (according to a poster downstairs) the company that owns the place is in receivership. I thought they would want all the rooms filled, but apparently not.


This means that I’ll be going my usual accommodation searches on wotif.com.au. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a nice place for much less than what I’d pay here. I am always tempted to go for the black-deals.. I’ve never been disappointed when taking a stab in the dark.


Its been strange not having internet access in my spare time. And I really cant be bothered paying mafia prices to the hotel for the privilege. I can almost connect to the Starbucks network from my balcony… it always seems to drop out once I try to load pages. I guess I’ll just have to pop down and enjoy one of their coffees… which I like. I just hate the company :-)


I’m sitting on the balcony, with the laptop on a little table. The doors are wide open, and I’m listening to Nick Cave (The Boatman’s Call). Its warm outside, but I’m drinking a hot coffee anyway. It just feels right. I like sitting here. I like the balcony. I like being able to see hundreds (thousands?) of dwellings just by looking up from the screen. In some ways I am a little like Blake. I sit and wonder what the people I see in their living rooms actually do for a living. I wonder if they’ve been living in their apartment for years, I wonder if they are living their dreams by living in the inner city? Or are they just like me? Just a temporary visitor, enjoying the atmosphere of a new place. I wonder if they look at me, sitting here typing on my laptop, wondering the same. The residents are obviously aware that the building opposite them has short-stay service apartments (I know I would be).


When I see people in the entrance hall, I wonder what they are here for. Are they here for a holiday? Work? Training? Are they here to meet up with a mistress, or man-friend? Are they in town for a funeral? A wedding? I wonder.


The view is quite strange from here. Everything is very built up, and there is actually only a little tiny area that I can see that is actually at street level. I can see parks, pools and picnic areas. But they are all in, or on top of other buildings and car-parks. Its interesting.


As I mentioned, there is on more week of this course to go. The last couple of days have been boring and slow, so I hope the pace will pick up over the coming days. I haven’t seen any of the other guys this weekend, which is a bit of a shame. That being said, I have no regrets about Trace coming over for a visit. I’m very glad she did, and I’m glad we got to discover this city together.