February 15th, 2009

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

On my way home...

 Well, it’s been a fun couple of days. I packed up my bags and moved out of M on Mary on Friday morning. I was sad to leave the place, since I knew that the new accommodation would not compare very favourably. I was not wrong..

Friday afternoon was a little less casual than I wanted. Most of the people in the course had to rush off to the airport at different times to catch different flights. As such we didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye to everyone else, as people had to rush out the door… it felt a little strange that after having spent two weeks with this people, suddenly we ran out of time and couldn’t even say our goodbyes properly. That being said, I’m sure I’ll see most of them again – online or otherwise. 

Preacher arrived at the apartment (on the outskirts of the Valley) at about 19:00. He delighted me with a couple of new Scotches that I had not yet tried. And delightful they certainly were. In fact, they were a couple of the best scotches I’ve ever had, and while the names escape me for now (well, the spelling, at least), I will certainly follow them up.

The first night we enjoyed some wood fired pizza in the Valley. It was delicious. We didn’t stay out late and headed back to the unit.

On Saturday we headed over the to Castlemaine Brewery. It was surprisingly entertaining :-) The opening display and subsequent explanation of the history of the brewery reminded me of a educational theme-park ride that one might see on The Simpsons. And the voiceover sounded very much like something out of The 12th Man. Glorious.

The tour was great, and the after tour drinks were decent enough. That being said, it has not lead me to change my view that they do not make particularly nice beer. I certainly shant buy it in the future. In contrast, the Heineken museum in Amsterdam completely converted me when I went, and I’ve been buying the stuff ever since.

On Saturday night (Valentines Day), Preacher had booked a dinner for two at a Japanese restaurant, overlooking the Story Bridge. We were met with slightly strange looks, at I’m sure everyone else was there for a romantic evening – and I guess we gave them little doubt that we were there for the same :-)

The main reason for going there was for its selection of scotches. After sampling four of them, it felt as though the best scotch was the stuff that was waiting for us at the unit. Preacher had clearly chosen well when be bought them.

We caught the ferry across the river and went to the story bridge hotel. While initially it just seemed like a ordinary pub type place, subsequent drinks turned the place into a magical sing-along party house, the likes of which I have not visited in a long time. We hollered along loudly to several gutsy Australian anthems until about 1am. At that point we walked across the bridge, though the Valley and to bed. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad we bothered taking the trek across the river.

Today we went down to Southport and sad around chatting. We didn’t want to do anything overly interesting and enjoyed lazing about.

Now I am sitting at the Airport. Preacher departing at 17:00 and my flight is not until 19:25. I am more than ready to head home. I miss home. More importantly, I miss Tracy. I’ve been trying to change my flights all week, so that Trace and I could enjoy an anniversary dinner on the right day. Alas the change could not be made, and I’m rather annoyed that we wont be able to celebrate on the right day :-(

It’s been 12 years since we started going out. It’s been 12 fantastic years and I’m looking forward to spending the remaining years with her. I guess with that in mind, missing one dinner is not too much of an issue. Still it bothers me.