May 11th, 2009

aussiepoida - Iterlectuaralist

Short Cuts to sum things up a little....

  • Dylan Moran was great. I enjoyed the show far more than his previous one. I was glad that he moved away from the 'parenting and children' angle he used during his previous visit. We had much better seats this time too, being only about 15 rows from the stage. I went with Trace, Markus, Makan, Heidi, Marcus and Jen. Before the show I enjoyed some Guinness Pie. It was fantastic :-) After the show we enjoyed a visit to The Moon for the first time in many months. The coffee was 'decent', which surprised me. The chocolate pizza was... naughty.
  • Trace and I Attended Daniel's Birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was at a authentic Japanese Restaurant - It was nice, but it was a bit odd having everything (except the tea) served cold.
  • Makan has been around a lot lately. Mostly to discuss his obsession with a lady from his work. These discussions normally take place at the Indi. Though a couple of nights ago we went to The Boat instead. The beer was not as nice, but the atmosphere was pleasing, and enjoyable. It was a change watching the AFL on the screens, rather than the usual Aqua-Docos they show at the Indi :-)
  • Been playing a bit of GTA4. I like it, though the big open gameplay does annoy me a little at times. I've been courting Michelle. She likes me a lot and we keep each other satisfied in the bedroom. That is the point of the game, yes? I've only recently made it to the centre island, and was very happy to finally buy myself a new suit. Michelle didn't seem to like it though.. nor did she like my shoes. She expressed her dislike openly. I was surprised, since I though she'd like my new, cleaner image. She still with me though, so she's obviously not too displeased. She didn't seem overly excited about my new sports-car either. She's a simply girl that is intimidated by wealth, it seams. I've been a little worried for her, since the trouble with the yugos, but things appear to be under control at the moment. we are talking about a game, yes?
  • Burn Zombie Burn has been entertaining me as well lately. Its a lot of simple fun. Though I wish there was more progression in the multiplayer mode. I don't get such a big thrill out of beating my previous scores... I want a little more purpose. Its quite frustrating that I have to unlock levels in single-player before they can be played in multiplayer.... this usually involves the other person sitting and waiting while I complete the single-player task (or vice versa). Calling All Cars has also been acquired, and will hopefully made a wonderful addition to the PS3 casual games.
  • Makan and I are seeing Ratatat. Strangely, until very recently, I've had none of their music. I've only ever heard them in Blake's car and I loved what I heard. I think it will translate nicely to the stage. There will no doubt be plenty of dancing and a couple of drinks that night... though they are playing on a Sunday night, which is a bit of a shame. That being said, m˘m played on a Wednesday (or such) and it did not limit the fun.
  • Matt and Kim were in Australia at the moment, but did not come to Perth. I'm displeased with them. I'm surprised that a small band like them can not bother taking a 5 hour flight to Perth. Their Australian Tour consisted of a show in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane only. How can you even call that an Australian Tour? Tickets were only $25. I want to see múm again.
  • I recently bought the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album Its Blitz!. Its Awesome! Seriously. Its been a long time since I've come across an album I've like this much, so quickly. Some tracks are fun, some tracks are sombre. I love the music style, though I am not skilled at describing such things. My favourite tracks are Zero, Skeletons and Little Shadows. Wonderful spacey tracks with plenty of atmosphere.
  • Another recent addition is the new Peaches album I Feel Cream. Peaches has certainly come a long way. While her old stuff is quirky and raw, I also think its nasty and cheap. This new album is a lot more refined and sounds well produced. My favourite tracks are Talk to Me, Lose You and Mud. Yes, its very R&B. Yes, its quality is mostly centred around pounding bass-lines. You got a problem wi tha bro?
These two albums are obviously very different from each other... I love having a broad spectrum of music taste :-)

I'm participating in the 10,000 step challenge at work. I have but 9 months to fit into my wedding dress :-)


aussiepoida - LOL

Just some random kitchen based photos

My stage... my theatre.... The lighting looks rather white and plain here. The light is actually quite warm in colour, thanks to the dimmer. I blame the camera's auto white-balance.

My first completely made-up dish. It was a beef and tomato red wine reduction with several other mysterious ingredients

One of the secret ingredients named above. But there are others as well.

The living room... with our beloved IKEA lamp :P

The coffee machine. Practice makes perfect, and I appear to be getting much better at using this machine.

The coffee machine makes me happy. I am expressing this for you here.