September 23rd, 2009

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 Is my current busy lifestyle, and the lack of consistent post by friends, hampering my enthusiasm to post on LJ these days. Yes it is.
I've got a permanent account here. Blake and I both paid US$150 for the privilege. And I for one feel like we've been taken for a ride. How is is possible for this site to be so stagnant? Its a cumbersome bloody place that delivers nothing that was not available 10 years ago. Why is it so difficult to post a picture here? Why cant I easily record a video post? Why is it so easy to do these things on facebook, but not here?
Facebook is probably another reason why I don't update here much anymore. Its so much easier to do little mini-updates there. And once I've done a little update like that, I don't feel like I need to document anything else here.
What do I want from LJ? I want it to to incorporate media and text easily. I want to be able to type, add a picture (with border and placement options, mouse-over text etc), add a video etc, without having to first upload the picture/video into my library. There are just too many bloody steps involved in doing these things. It takes too much time and effort. On facebook, I push one button to record a video. I then push one button to post it. The whole process (from deciding to post a video, to people being able to see it) takes mere seconds. On LJ I have to externally record the video, upload it to youtube (or similar), and then copy the embedded code into a entry in HTML format.
As I always say - Facebook is free. I paid $39 for Snow Leopard. I paid US$150 to use Livejournal. I'm pretty sure Snow Leopard and Facebook are vastly more complex bits of software. WTF? There is someone rolling around with a lot of money somewhere.
I hate the fact that I'm supposed to be using this time to talk about my life, and things going on within it. Instead I find myself annoyed just looking at this site.
Just quickly now, because I'm running out of time...
* I've spent three separate weeks in Sydney for work. Blake joined me for the first week. I went by myself for the second week. Tracy joined me for the third week.
* Trace and I went to see Wicked in sydney, and also did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. The play was fantastic fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The bridge climb was fun, but overpriced. Unforgettable - Yes. Mind-blowing - No. But memorable. I have no regrets.
* Glynn and I participated in the Drag-Queen Karaoke at Scruffy Murphy's. We sang Gold-digger. The chorus was fun... the rest was a disaster. Luckily we had a couple of drinks, and managed to ignore the 200 people starring at us quite well. We wont a jug of beer for our efforts.
* The following day, we all went to Lowenbrau. Glynn and I got very exited and sang along heartily. The owner of the place was so impressed with our enthusiasm, that he gave us a round of schnapps. So we got free drinks, two days in a row, for singing and dancing. Could we make a living from this? probably not.
* The new Mew album is pleasing me greatly. It took 4 listens until it cracked open, and displayed its sweet delicious musical centre to me.
* Trace and I saw UP while we were in Sydney. I enjoyed it. But wont go on about it. It was not a classic, but worth seeing.
* I have a iPhone now. This is old news. I love it.
* I'm of to Canberra next week, to complete the practical part of my assessment. The previous week in Sydney was spent drawing up search warrants and operational plans. Its been quite interesting.
* I am exited about a number of game things. The God of War Collection, Dragon Age, Diablo 3, Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, God of War III, Trine, LittleBIGPlanet PSP, Pixlejunk Monsters Deluxe PSP. Uncharted 2.

I am also looking forward to getting married.