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Deviantart - Once again.... music

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Mood: Musical
Listening to: The Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos
Reading: Stephen King - The Stand
Watching: Pi

Sweet people of Deviantart - Once again I request of you to share with me your taste in music, and perhaps point out to me some unknown talent that might change my music listing life forever.

My taste in music is very very diverse, ranging from Metal, to chill-out, to 50,60,70,80 and 90's music. From Techno and all its sub-divisions, to classical music.... to Acid Jazz and Foreign music , such as the Russian Red Army Choir and Nox from Hungary.
From Moby to Metallica to Groove Armada to Sinead O'Connor to Goldfrapp to the Prodigy and to Radiohead to Lemon Jelly to Reno to Jam & Spoon to the Smashing Pumpkins.

.... as a matter of fact, the only thing I actively avoid is typical rap and hip-hop.

Anyway, do you have any suggestions?

I'm mostly looking for new stuff along the style of Groove Armada, Goldfrapp, Reno, FC Kahuna and Lemon Jelly.... although any other suggestions will be welcomed with open arms an investigated.

Please let me know - I really need some new and well made music to listen to.


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